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Working together, fighting the market together - 2022 mid-year marketing conference report

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Time flies, time flies!Half of 2022 has passed. With joy and facing the sunshine, all the sales elites and senior management of Canworld Electric gathered at the Kangwo Industrial Park of Shenzhen Headquarters from July 14 to 15, 2022 to jointly usher in the company's annual meeting this year. China Marketing Conference.

The marketing conference officially kicked off at 08:40 am on July 14, 2022!

The first item of the conference was delivered by Mr. Wang Hongshu, the general manager, 'The wind is strong and the tide is strong, and it is necessary to set sail and break the waves; the road ahead is long and the road is long, and it is even more necessary to use the horse and whip!' It inspired all employees to work together, resonate with the same frequency, work hard, and persist in high standards. Quality development, with the same goal, we strive to become China's first-class electrical control professional enterprise!The entire theme of the speech fully reflects Canworld's corporate culture. The summary is objective and comprehensive, the problem analysis is profound and pragmatic, and the work deployment has strong guidance for the development of the company and individuals.

The second content of the conference is the summary of the work of each regional director and regional sales manager in the first half of the year and the work plan for the second half of the year. In the report, everyone continues to identify problems, improve problems, and make reasonable plans, so that we can better face the resistance in the current environment.At the same time, a theme 'Me and My Team' was added this year. Everyone can speak freely, share their experiences and insights, grow together, and create a strong team cohesion. A thousand people working together can achieve the strength of a thousand people!

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The third item of the conference was by General Manager Mr. Wang Hongshu to make a summary report on the work of the sales department in the first half of 2022, making a comprehensive analysis of the sales data and problems in each region.First, we analyzed the target completion rate in the first half of the year from the aspects of market environment, products, sales and service personnel, etc., and formulated tasks and goals for the second half of the year.It is proposed that in the second half of the year, sales staff should exchange information in the market in a timely manner and take the initiative, ask more questions and give more feedback; maintain old customers, and also constantly develop new customers; expand in the industry and learn to diversify their thinking, Go deep into the industry and make the sales path more 'wild'.

At the same time, I hope that everyone will take advantage of this marketing conference, act immediately, make persistent efforts, and create more impressive results.Even as the epidemic continues in 2022, and despite the slowdown in economic growth in many pillar industries, we are still growing steadily, which cannot be separated from the efforts of Canworld people, the correct strategic policy of the leadership, and distribution. support from business partners.We must unite closely, achieve win-win cooperation, and work together to become bigger and stronger.

The fourth event of the conference was held on July 15. In the report, Yu Weiming, chief R&D engineer, demonstrated the characteristics and advantages of Canworld's products CDE860, CDE800, CDE800-6T (medium voltage), CDE505-IP54 and other series, pointing out the market for everyone. direction, which further strengthened the confidence of sales staff.

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In the afternoon, rich and professional training was carried out one after another, including professional technical knowledge, production process control, business process system, personnel management system, and finance-related training.Through training, everyone has a deeper understanding of the company's complete process system.

Finally, the general manager, Mr. Wang Hongshu, summarized the two-day meeting, which gave everyone a clear understanding of the 2022 sales target and the company's strategic direction, and strengthened the confidence and determination to complete the target tasks!Whatever the group does, nothing is impossible; whatever the group does, nothing is impossible.As long as we are united and in step, difficulties will not overwhelm us, but will only make us stronger; hardships will not overwhelm us, but will only make us stronger.

The mission is inspiring, and the goal is ahead. Let us work together, work hard, and create great results together!

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