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Exclusive interview with 'Inverter World' - Canworld Electric: New starting point and new leap forward

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At the beginning of 2013, 'Shenzhen Kangwo Control Technology Development Co., Ltd.' officially changed its name to 'Shenzhen Canworld Electric Technology Co., Ltd.', and the trademark remained unchanged.Canworld Electric belongs to a large private investment holding group. After more than ten years of rapid development, the group has established major business sectors such as petroleum, coal, clean energy, equity investment and high-end tourism real estate, and has overseas holdings and shares. A number of Hong Kong listed companies have assets of nearly 10 billion yuan.After this name change, the 'Canworld' brand has become the only Chinese logo applicable to Canworld Electric's global business scope.

Everything is renewed, and a new name means a new beginning.Canworld Electric has also made new plans for the company's development: the 'Canworld Industrial Park' under construction covers an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, and has high hopes for servo, high-voltage inverters and new energy electric vehicle controllers. The product is in full swing, the company's sales and service management system is being continuously improved and improved, the atmosphere of team cohesion is becoming increasingly strong, and the overseas market expansion strategy has also taken shape. This series of measures has injected new ideas into the company. development motivation.In this exclusive interview, Lei Hong, Marketing Director of Shenzhen Canworld Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Mr. Lei') shared with you how Canworld Electric can achieve new leaps and bounds at a new starting point.

Transformation from single to multiple

When mentioning the Convo brand, everyone will immediately think of its inverter products.This is the user's recognition of Convo's 13 years in the industry, which the company is proud of.However, considering the long-term development strategy, it also brings certain limitations.For the domestic energy-saving space and fierce competition in the market, a single inverter product line is no longer an effective development model.Only by moving from products to solutions can companies get rid of their dependence on price competition, form their own differentiated competitive advantages, and at the same time create more value-added services and value for customers. This is why the company changed its name from 'Convo' For the original intention of 'Canworld'.

In order to expand the scale of enterprise development and achieve real leaps and bounds, the first step is to integrate products.Mr. Lei said: In addition to developing products such as low, medium and high voltage inverters and servo drives, the company has also begun to gradually extend into the new energy field.Only when products become more and more perfect can strong competition be formed.To this end, Canworld Electric has made huge investments in financial, material and human resources.The company has a total investment of 100 million yuan and is located in the 'Canworld Industrial Park' of nearly 20,000 square meters in Baolong Industrial Zone, Shenzhen. It is expected to be completed in August this year and officially put into use in December.It is reported that not only will all the existing factories be relocated, but the newly completed industrial park will be built into a R&D and manufacturing base dedicated to high-tech products, including servo products under development, new energy electric vehicle controllers and high-voltage inverters that have been started. The project completely realizes the transition from a single product to a diversified industry.In order to ensure the smooth realization of this goal, the company invested more than 12% of sales in research and development.Today, R&D personnel account for about 30% of the company's personnel, and this R&D team continues to grow.

Close to the industry and continue to innovate

While actively exploring the extension of the industrial chain, Canworld Electric also does not forget to consolidate the advantages of existing products.Frequency converter is Canworld Electric’s current flagship product.Starting from the needs of customers, the company has developed inverters ranging from low-end to high-end to suit different market needs.

The CDE300 series is Canworld Electric's flagship product in the mid-to-low-end market. It is divided into two types: standard products for the general market and industry-specific models. Among them, industry-specific models include CDE301 ceramic-specific and stone-specific series, and CDE320 flat panel Textile special etc.As the CDE300 series products are recognized by users in various industries, Canworld Electric will take advantage of the situation to launch an upgraded version of the CDE500 series in August this year.One of the highlights of this product is that the device is more reliable, the structure is more reasonable, and the complete three-layer independent air duct for heat dissipation further improves product stability. The most important thing is the software upgrade.In addition, for the mid-to-high-end market, Canworld Electric has successfully launched the CDE600 flux vector inverter, including CDE600D smart motor, CDE600E explosion-proof machine and other special machines for different industries.CDM600 medium voltage 690V/1140V has been launched in batches.The CDV600 torque control inverter is about to be launched. It is in the testing phase. The CDV600 series products adopt closed-loop control, and its accuracy can achieve the speed control effect of a simple servo. It has excellent performance in terms of product appearance, structural design, device selection, software performance, etc. With careful craftsmanship, it is expected to become a high-quality, high-performance high-end product that is very competitive in the future market.The power level of CDV600 series products reaches 1000KW per unit, filling the gap in domestic low-voltage high-power inverters.

Only by being close to industry needs can we continue to innovate and develop products that are truly suitable for users.Mr. Lei gave a detailed explanation using the ceramic industry, the company's main market, as an example.As we all know, the ceramic production environment and other working conditions are extremely harsh, mainly characterized by strong corrosiveness, high ambient temperature and large dust.For this reason, Canworld Electric's special frequency converter CDE301 series is connected with stainless steel screws. The copper rows are nickel-plated with a thickness of more than 0.8mm. Various control boards are made of original imported British conformal anti-paint and are all two-layer plated. The products Anti-corrosion level exceeding national standards.Secondly, all use high-speed DC fans, which not only have large air volume, but also the air volume will not be affected by domestic voltage fluctuations, thus effectively ensuring the heat dissipation effect of the device and improving product stability.Furthermore, according to the application environment, a special design is made in the structure, a completely independent air duct design and a non-contact DC contactor are used to improve the dustproof ability of the whole machine.

Complete sales and service layout enhances comprehensive competitiveness

As the head of the company's marketing department, Mr. Lei has been continuously increasing the depth and intensity of sales and services.Perfect sales and services are a strong guarantee for marketing and an important reflection of the company's comprehensive strength.With the core of improving 'customer satisfaction' and 'professionalism of industrial products', Canworld Electric has established a complete sales and service network. Now it has established 26 sales offices across the country, forming a nationwide Nationwide sales and service network.

Mr. Lei told reporters: The company implements a channel sales marketing model, and partners are defined as strategic partners, core dealers, and authorized dealers, and adheres to the cooperation of 'let dealers make money, but also make money for dealers' The concept has been unanimously affirmed and recognized by partners over the years.Through cooperation with dealers, they integrate and optimize their respective advantages to enhance the overall competitiveness of the channel, promote the common growth of both parties, and form closer loyalty to achieve a win-win market situation for the company, dealers and users. .

Products are hard power, and services are soft power. Only the combination of soft and hard power can reflect the true comprehensive competitiveness of an enterprise.In order to provide customers with fast and corresponding services, Canworld Electric divides its services into three parts: headquarters service, joint warranty center and office.After-sales service is centered on the technical service department of the headquarters, relying on 26 offices and 18 national joint warranty centers across the country, and has established a nationwide joint warranty service system. Engineers with many years of application service experience can respond quickly at any time. Customers, ensuring that customers receive the most professional services.Canworld Electric's commitment to domestic customers is: respond to problems within 2 hours and provide on-site services within 48 hours.In addition, in order to provide users with products in a timely, convenient and fast manner, Canworld Electric has established eight logistics centers across the country: Urumqi, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Jinan, Suzhou and Shenzhen, establishing a nationwide inventory logistics network. .

Strong team cohesion relies on trust

Talent is the most valuable asset that drives a company to achieve leapfrog development. Under the fierce competition in the market environment, the competition among enterprises has long evolved into a competition for talents. Canworld Electric has always regarded talents as the first capital of the enterprise and adhered to the principle of 'people-oriented' 'Principle, the company strives to provide talents with good opportunities to develop themselves and improve themselves, encourage everyone to grow in competition, and the most important thing is to make the company's employees truly feel: the purpose of work is not only remuneration, but also growth. In the process, everyone’s self-worth is fully enhanced.

In this regard, Mr. Lei, who has worked in the sales position of Canworld Electric for more than ten years, has deep feelings. From ordinary employees to company managers, the development and growth of the company is the result of the collective efforts of a group of outstanding employees.The most fortunate thing is that in this process, the cohesion of the team has been continuously enhanced, and common values ​​have been formed among employees: a drop of water blends into the sea, and an individual blends into the team. Every employee must obey the company's overall arrangement and layout. Only by obeying In order to ensure combat effectiveness.In interviews, Mr. Lei has always emphasized that competition in the 21st century is a game of team wisdom. Individual success is temporary, but team success will make you more competitive and viable.

From another level, in order to achieve strong cohesion, mutual trust between teams is inseparable.Canworld Electric holds relevant sales meetings twice every year. Through open and honest exchanges and communication among all employees, it increases the trust between the company and employees, and between employees, so that employees know how to share and utilize the team's resources, thereby improving The overall efficiency of the company.

Based at home and going overseas

Affected by the global economic downturn, demand in the domestic automation industry has been weak over the past year or so. However, Canworld Electric's inverter sales in the first half of this year increased by 53.8% compared with the same period.In addition to benefiting from the company's strong comprehensive competitiveness, another reason is to find a breakthrough in channel strategy and increase cooperation with dealers in key regions and key industries.Not long ago, the company successfully won the largest low-voltage transformation project in China. 72 sets of 900kW single-machine low-voltage inverters were used in the metallurgical industry in Guizhou. The total contract amount was as high as 15 million. They are now being transformed and applied in batches.

Benefiting from the promotion of energy conservation, emission reduction, green environmental protection and other policies, the market potential of energy-saving products such as frequency converters is very huge. Mr. Lei is also optimistic about the company's future development.Nowadays, Canworld Electric has also formulated an international development strategy and set its sights on overseas markets.The Southeast Asian market has become the primary target, and the company regards the Vietnam market as the best springboard and convenient channel to expand overseas markets.Vietnam's economy has developed rapidly in recent years, but its local industry is still in its infancy, and the demand for industrial manufacturing machinery and technology is very strong.Canworld Electric plans to first set up an office in Vietnam in March next year to expand Canworld Electric's overseas influence by establishing a channel sales network.

At the new starting point, Canworld Electric has also set a higher goal: striving to build the company into a domestic first-tier brand in five years.With clear goals and fast actions, all employees of Canworld Electric are working together to turn the dream blueprint into reality.

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