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The 2013 Canworld Electrical Marketing Conference came to an end, and the team’s display became a highlight

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From December 10th to 13th, 2013, Canworld Electric's year-end marketing conference was held at the Pattaya Hotel on the seaside of Dameisha, Shenzhen.All members of Canworld's 26 sales offices across the country attended the meeting. The company's general manager Mr. Wang Hongshu, marketing director Mr. Lei Hong, and deputy R&D director Dr. Yu attended the meeting.

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Wang Hongshu, general manager of Canworld, analyzed the company's current situation at the meeting and made arrangements for new product planning and the relocation of the new industrial park in 2014.Next, each regional director and sales manager used exquisite PPT as a guide to show the wonderful history of their respective sales regions over the past year to the colleagues present.

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Only by looking back on the past can we better look forward to the future. Marketing Director Lei Hong summarized the work progress in 2013 and made work planning and marketing strategy planning to achieve sales of 100 million yuan in 2014.Mr. Lei said: 'This year, despite the company's name change and the downturn in the general environment, our sales still increased by 50.12% compared to the previous year. I firmly believe that in 2014, with the strong support of the company and our new marketing model, in Kangxi Under the premise that the Yuan brand influence is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, each of us will be more and more confident in achieving our goals. 'The collective marketing staff expressed their stance together: With the brighter blueprint given by the company, they will work harder and use more and better! Repay the company with outstanding achievements and win greater honors!

The entire meeting was held in a festive, lively and lively atmosphere, with constant applause. After the meeting, all marketing staff took a group photo.

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This meeting is an important link in the development process of Canworld Electric. It summarizes past achievements and shortcomings, points out the direction for Canworld's future development, greatly inspires the morale of all marketing staff, and enhances the team's sense of honor. The cohesion has laid a solid foundation for Canworld Electric's rapid development in 2014.Canworld Electric will also achieve greater development in the new year and write a more brilliant new chapter!

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