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Race against time to seize opportunities

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The 'window period' that people often refer to comes from economic terminology, that is, the 'maximum estimated value of the boundary risk time limit.' If we can seize this critical time point, there will often be new breakthroughs and developments.As the saying goes: 'An opportunity must not be lost, and it will never come back.' Although the current COVID-19 epidemic has had a certain impact on the economic situation and social development, causing many industries to suffer heavy losses and suffer losses, it has brought us crises and Along with risks, it also brings a 'window period' for us to turn crises into opportunities, seize opportunities, and face difficulties.

With the country under better control, we will resume work in March!In the early stage, various industries were out of stock or their logistics and transportation were seriously affected. However, our company leaders made adequate preparation and stocking plans before the year, which played a very critical role in paving the way for our rapid recovery during the epidemic period.

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The impact of the epidemic has driven up the demand for masks, meltblown cloth extruders and other related equipment. The supply exceeds demand, and the prices of many materials have skyrocketed. However, under this situation, Canworld Electric has always adhered to the service purpose of serving customer satisfaction and peace of mind, and worked with everyone. Overcoming the difficulties together, thousands of special frequency converters for mask equipment were shipped on schedule. The trust and support given by customers is the biggest driving force for Canworld to move forward!

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The impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic abroad is very severe, and the economy has been hit hard. However, we are still moving forward in this industry. Opportunities do not come overnight. All Canworld employees go all out every day and face the difficulties. Challenge new opportunities and forge ahead with hard work.

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2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Canworld Electric has exceeded its mission in the past two months since it resumed work!Hard work and hard work have laid the foundation for outstanding performance.Don’t forget your original intention and move forward in pursuit of your dreams!

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