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[Living in Canworld] Tug of War Competition

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At the end of October, it is already snowing heavily in northern cities, but Shenzhen is still feeling like a spring breeze.Last Friday, a vigorous tug-of-war game was held on the basketball court of Canworld Electric’s headquarters in Kangwo Industrial Park.The general manager Mr. Wang Hongshu personally serves as the referee for this competition. There are 4 teams registered to participate. The competition adopts a best-of-three-game elimination system.The female colleagues serve as cheerleaders and choose to cheer for the team they support. Everyone in the cheerleader team gets a gift. It is really a conscientious company.

Around 5:30 pm, the friends all gathered on the basketball court.The preparations before the game were done efficiently, the game reached its climax very quickly, the scene was extremely heated, and the tough security guards came on the bench in the middle. Try to imagine that scene in your mind.

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While the gay men were fighting on the field, the cheerleaders on site were also working very hard and cute to cheer for the supporting team.Four words to describe it - hoarse.

After several rounds of competition, Team B of the Production Department won the championship with an absolute advantage. Mr. Wang personally awarded them prizes: a wad of cash. The editor was so dazzled that he couldn't count the number of prizes.The comrades in the R&D department worked too hard in the first round, which led to a decrease in physical strength in the finals, and finally won the second prize. The prize was: a set of Jingdezhen bone blue and white porcelain tableware.There will also be prizes for those who didn’t get ranked.

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It was getting dark, and finally everyone happily walked out of the industrial park with a gift in hand, talking and laughing all the way, looking forward to the next competition event.I am very grateful to the big family of [Canworld Electric], which allows us to live in this fast-paced city, no longer making a living, but living; no longer a company, but a family; no longer a colleague, but a family.Thank you for your company!

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