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[Living in Canworld] The world is so big, let’s go see it together!

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A thunderstorm in the early morning brought some coolness and comfort to our trip today.We picked up our bags and set off in the drizzle!!!We were singing and laughing along the way, and time flew by quickly. We arrived at Dapengsuo City at about 09:30 in the morning.The city of Dapeng was built inHongwuTwenty-seven years ago (AD 1394), it occupied an area of ​​about 110,000 square meters.It is the Ming and Qing dynastiesChinasouthernHaiphongmilitaryfortress, has a history of resisting foreign aggression for more than 600 years.After Kang Yuan's friends took a family photo at the south gate city wall, today's joyful journey officially started.

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Entering through the city gate less than three meters wide, you will be greeted by a dazzling array of gadgets and local snacks.Stepping on the bluestone road soaked by the drizzle, walking and stopping, your eyes are always attracted by the gadgets standing on both sides of the ancient road.The narrow alley stretched Canworld's queue. It seemed that everyone could stop here for what they liked or were interested in. They couldn't help but use their mobile phones or cameras to capture those pictures that were always worth remembering.On both sides of the bluestone road, students were busy sketching under the scorching sun. Through their paintings, they saw a different style of the city.Continuing forward, we found a deeply hidden canoe and some unknown oil paintings, lying there quietly surrounded by wisps of sandalwood.Although there are many people visiting on weekends, it is really quiet here, and it seems that everyone is afraid of waking them up.Passing through an antique store, a phoenix tree appeared in front of her in full bloom. Under the fiery red flowers were green leaves. She was so proud that she seemed to have an aura that outshone all other beauties, which made Kang Yuan's friends see her. After this scene, everyone took photos with her under the tree.Further north is the north wall of the city. Standing on the wall and looking around, you can have a panoramic view of the city.Time passed quickly and our stomach began to protest. In order to satisfy it, we rushed to the next location to camp and barbecue.The bus rushed towards the sea, and the trees on both sides of the road rushed back, as if cheering for our arrival...

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Soon we came to Xichong, the most beautiful golden coast in Shenzhen. The road was winding and rugged, and the bus went over mountains and ridges, which was both thrilling and exciting.Around noon, a group of 10 people sat around the fire in Xichong Coast, dividing the work and cooperating. Some people fanned the flames, some lit the fire, some prepared the ingredients, and some waited quietly... One after another, hidden culinary masters emerged. , perhaps forced by hunger, they had no choice but to expose it to the world.The men who usually went to the hall could also enter the kitchen. They saw the scene of swords and swords and smoke filled the air. They silently opened up the cooking area, which is 100 acres and 1 nautical mile away. I heard that it is known as the paradise of Shenzhen.After eating and drinking, we were ready to take a speedboat out to sea to embrace Lover Island!After receiving the boating pass, everyone couldn't wait to take off their shoes, roll up their trousers, and play in the gentle sea breeze while stepping on the soft sand, waiting for the next speedboat to greet them.Fortunately, there was no scorching sun, otherwise everyone would have to perform another transformation from black to white.An empty boat came towards us. It drifted for more than an hour before we had to board the speedboat and return to the main team...

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After landing, we immediately rushed to the real place. After 10 minutes of bombing rounds, the battle was over. The instructor announced the victory of the red team. In the cheers, we sighed: The power of the team is really powerful!

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It was already around five o'clock in the afternoon, and we headed to Shuitou, Nan'ao to eat seafood! After having enough wine and food, we ended all our itineraries for the day.On the way back home, our minds kept thinking about the ancient and simple Dapeng city we had enjoyed today, the unforgettable buffet barbecue feast, and the first time we went out to sea on a speedboat with our colleagues to play real-person CS field battles.Everything we have experienced today is worthy of being remembered forever by each of us in Canworld...

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