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Let yourself go and move forward happily—Canworld Electric Qingyuan Gulong Gorge trip in 2021

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'Thousands of mountains surge like waves, springs and streams flow. Floating clouds step under your feet, and the scenery of pines and waves is special.' Qingyuan Gulong Gorge is thrilling and shocking!Relying on the unique topography of the grand canyon, big forest, and big waterfalls, among the cliffs and dense forests with a vertical drop of 1,000 meters, the Gulong Gorge Scenic Area has developed five major project groups from top to bottom: Yuntian Boba, aerial adventure, large waterfalls, International rafting, Internet celebrity river valley, and has obtained 12 world record certifications.From rapids racing to forest exploration to aerial range-finding, Gulong Gorge is a place where you can experience water, land and air all at once.

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The day in May is the end of spring and the beginning of summer. There is no harsh cold at the beginning of spring, nor the scorching heat at midsummer. Everything is just right!In the morning, the sky is high and the clouds are clear.A tourist bus departed from Shenzhen Canworld Headquarters with a bus full of people laughing.

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Along the way, everyone was chatting and laughing, unable to restrain their excitement. After a 4-hour drive, we first arrived at the Beijiang Small Three Gorges in Qingyuan. We took a cruise to explore the picturesque scenery. The green mountains and beautiful waters at a glance made us feel relaxed and happy.Here, the mountains on both sides of the bank are towering green, surrounded by steaming clouds and mist, and seventy-two peaks confront each other, rising and falling for several kilometers, with majestic momentum. When swimming along the river, the river flow is tight and turbulent; sometimes the river surface is like a mirror, clear and reflecting. The scenery on both sides of the strait, the uncanny workmanship of nature has carved the landscape here into a picturesque 'Landscape Gallery', and you can enjoy a fisherman's specialty feast on the boat for lunch.

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After lunch, we took the tour bus again and came to Gulong Gorge. What we saw was a high mountain, which gave people the feeling of swallowing up mountains and rivers, and was full of mystery.Qingyuan Gulong Gorge Forest Adventure Kingdom is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, a national sports tourism demonstration base, an international rafting competition venue, and a track designated by the State Sports General Administration.The scenic spot has 12 world record certifications and is known as the 'king of rafting, the king of glass,' and the 'new king of high-altitude sightseeing in the world.'

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After taking a group photo in the scenic area, we came to the waiting area up the mountain, where minibuses took tourists to the foot of the glass bridge (the starting point of rafting).Sitting on the minibus, circling up the mountain, and meeting cars going down the mountain from time to time, I always feel that I am surrounded by dangers. I have to marvel at the skills of these drivers.Ten minutes later we arrived at the foot of the mountain and divided into two groups. Following the signs, one group slowly climbed up the mountain road to the glass bridge, and the other group went to the international circuit - Feilong Drifting.

Troop 1 visited the Glass Bridge, climbed up step by step along the natural steps, and finally came to the best attraction of the ladder - the Waterfall Glass Bridge. It has the feeling of a dangerous building hundreds of feet high, and you can pick the stars with your hands; this is a The glass bridge stands in the cliff canyon. Although we are walking on thousands of meters of glass, it is still quite practical because the bridge is balanced by steel ropes and the guardrails are as high as an adult's shoulders.Looking down, the beautiful scenery of Gulong Gorge is unobstructed, and you can clearly see the lower end of the cliff thousands of meters below.Here you can experience the world's first high-altitude sightseeing glass combination that integrates glass platforms, glass planks, and glass rope bridges. At the same time, you can experience the excitement brought by high-altitude challenge products such as 5D fracture effects, glass hanging corridors, glass steps, and volleying micro-steps. Exciting and shocking.

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Troop 2 came to Gulong Gorge for rafting. Known as the 'roller coaster on the wave', Gulong Gorge rafting is the most exciting rafting in Guangdong.The average slope of the Gulong Gorge rafting track is 9.5%, surpassing the 7.5% average slope of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, the world's largest canyon.It is currently the rafting project with the longest track, the largest drop, and the fastest flow rate in the country.Under the guidance of the staff, we put on life jackets and helmets and got on the rubber boat.Due to the deep and steep walls of the gorge, the confrontation of cliffs, the high mountains and dense forests, towering ancient trees and intertwined vines, the river channel of Gulong Gorge is heavily surrounded by 'forest tunnels' - the primitive jungle blocks the sky and the sun, and the drifting river channel rarely sees the sky all year round. The annual maximum temperature is only 22℃.Compared with other rafting activities that are exposed to the sun in summer, Gulong Gorge rafting is completely sun-free and is known as 'no sunscreen' rafting among all outdoor water sports in Guangdong.At the end of the journey, we held the two handles tightly with both hands. We only relaxed and rested when we reached the halfway point and the end point. We really felt exhausted, but we still had more to say.

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Traveling is an experience to find happiness and relaxation amidst hard work and fatigue, and to increase your knowledge.It is a great pleasure in life to enjoy the comfort of mountains and rivers after busy work.

This trip not only brought closer the relationship between employees, deepened friendship, and created an atmosphere of unity and upliftment, but also enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the entire Canworld Electric team, reflected the company's people-oriented philosophy, and broadened the horizons of employees , cultivated sentiment and enhanced the sense of honor as a Canworld person.

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