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Canworld’s 2019 Mid-Year Marketing Conference - Don’t forget your original intention and forge ahead

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Canworld 2019 mid-year marketing conference

——Don’t forget your original intention and forge ahead

Time flies, the years fly by, and half of 2019 has passed. Shenzhen Canworld Electric Technology Co., Ltd. held the 'Canworld Electric 2019' grandly in the Kangwo Industrial Park of Shenzhen Headquarters from July 11 to 12, 2019. Marketing Conference'.

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This meeting was co-hosted by the company's general manager Mr. Wang Hongshu and marketing director Mr. Qiu. Elites from the seven major regions of the country (East China, South China, Shandong, North China, Northwest, Southwest, and Northeast) came with dreams and returned with a full load, summarizing the past. , looking forward to the future, everyone will be more determined to contribute to 'home' and build a high platform to make dreams more fulfilling and make Canworld inverter more evergreen.

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Picture 3 The first item of the conference was delivered by General Manager Mr. Wang Hongshu. Mr. Wang analyzed the company's current situation, looked forward to the future development trends and directions of the inverter industry, and finally elaborated on the company's new market strategy.The leader's wise decision-making and deployment are the source of employees' confidence in the enterprise and the motivation to work hard.Mr. Wang's speech greatly inspired the confidence and work enthusiasm of all marketing staff.

The second content of the conference is the summary of the work of each regional director and regional sales manager in the first half of the year and the work plan for the second half of the year. In the report, everyone continues to find problems, improve problems, and make reasonable plans, so as to adapt to the increasingly competitive market environment and meet challenges together. .

The third item of the conference was Qiu Jinguo, Marketing Director of Canworld, who gave a summary report on the work of the sales department in the first half of 2019.In 2019, amid the slowdown in economic growth in many pillar industries in China, channel sales increased by 25.5% year-on-year in 2018.Mr. Qiu made a detailed plan for the work in the second half of the year, emphasizing that by focusing on key issues and making rapid improvements, everything is possible. He resolutely achieved the sales target for 2019 and went all out to increase sales.At the same time, increasing the foreign trade market share is the direction of our efforts this year. We will participate in some foreign exhibitions in the second half of the year, develop more foreign markets, seize more opportunities, and let Canworld inverter go global!

The fourth event of the conference was held on the morning of July 12. Chief R&D Engineer Yu Weiming demonstrated the advantages of the CDE360 series of high-performance vector inverters in his report, and was very satisfied with the results of the CDE360 series!

Rich and professional training was held on the afternoon of July 12th, including training on professional technical knowledge, production process control, business orders, and finance.Through training, everyone has a deeper understanding of the company's complete process system.

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Mr. Wang Hongshu, the general manager of the company, gave an in-depth summary of our company's work performance and accumulated experience in the first half of 2019, and looked forward to the development focus and direction in the second half of 2019.Opportunities and challenges coexist, hopes and difficulties coexist. As long as we seize every day, strive every day, seize the day and work hard, we will successfully complete this year's marketing goals and promote Canworld Electric to steadily achieve 'domestic frequency conversion' The ambitious goal of becoming a leader in device innovation.Only by working together can we win together, and only by being affectionate and righteous can we be beneficial.All marketing staff of Canworld Electric work together to overcome the difficulties, go hand in hand, and create greater glory!

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