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Canworld launches major highway advertising - strengthens brand promotion

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Judging from the current development of China's automation market, China has the largest market in the world. The technological transformation of traditional industrial enterprises, mechanical automation, and enterprise informatization all require a large number of industrial automation systems.

Canworld Frequency Converter is one of the most potential companies in domestic frequency converters. With the continuous improvement and advancement of power electronics technology, Canworld Frequency Converter technology has developed rapidly. Due to the extension of the service life of the frequency converter and the convenience of maintenance, its use The continuous expansion of functions has made Canworld inverters widely used in industrial fields such as textile printing and dyeing, metallurgy, electric power, ceramics, machine tools, and environmental protection. The extensive promotion and use of Canworld inverters has greatly improved energy conservation, automation, and improved productivity and quality. Very remarkable results have been achieved.

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Qianzhou Town in Wuxi is famous throughout the country for its development of township industry. The town has more than a thousand large enterprises such as printing and dyeing and textile machinery.In January 2014, Mr. Lei, Marketing Director of Canworld, visited Qianzhou Town again. While visiting old customers, he deeply realized his determination to serve new and old customers with better and more products!

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In order to let more companies understand and recognize the Canworld brand inverter, Canworld has placed a major outdoor advertisement at the central location at the junction of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Qianzhou Town, with precise brand promotion direction to provide customers with the best quality services and establish the value of 'customers are the lifeline of an enterprise'!We regard the goal of 'satisfying customers' as our service concept.

Canworld frequency conversion drives the future and creates a win-win situation together!

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