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Canworld employee activities in August----Meet at the farmhouse and meet the blue sea and blue sky

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Having lived in a steel and concrete castle for too long, we have gradually yearned for the beauty of nature and the simple farm life as the spice of life.

In the golden autumn of August, the weather is still hot and nature is still charming.Canworld's friends, who have been sitting in the office for a long time, decided to add some spice to their lives.The bed on Saturday morning is always so attractive that we don’t want to leave for a long time, but we yearn for the simplicity of the farmhouse and the flawless beauty of the blue sea and sky.

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At 8:30 in the morning on August 23, our Canworld partners set out for South Australia together at the company.Along the way, the music played by the driver's brother gradually woke up the sleepy colleagues. The beautiful scenery of nature gradually faded away and gradually approached through the car windows. Many colleagues couldn't help but take out their mobile phones and wish to capture every beautiful moment.Nature is the best painter and can always show the best side in front of humans.

The bus stopped at the farm at 10 a.m. and we arrived at the first stop of this event.There are no high-rise buildings, no crowded crowds and vehicles here, but a simple farm atmosphere.After getting off the bus, we started to prepare lunch. Everything needed to be done by everyone, which really fulfilled the saying 'do it yourself and you will have enough food and clothing'.The organizer divided the people into four groups, and each group started catching chickens and fish, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, and cooking. Everyone was very busy.During the cooking process, we used a primitive firewood stove. There were times when everyone choked on the smoke and burst into tears, but it was 'painful and happy'.As expected, the food is made by oneself and everyone collaborates. Eating the food that everyone has worked so hard for, my heart is filled with happiness.

After lunch, we took a short break and the driver took us to the famous Yangmeikeng.It was just after 1 p.m., and the air was a bit hot, but this did not affect everyone's enthusiasm at all.Kang Yuan's friends couldn't wait to rush to the sea.I have never seen such a green and clear sea before, nor have I seen such a blue sky, as pure as a newborn baby.Many colleagues have been here once before, but everyone is still very happy to come here again, and they still take photos endlessly, collecting the beautiful scenery and beauties into the pictures.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, the air gradually cooled down, and everyone began to choose bicycles and ride sightseeing. There were a lot of cyclists on the road. This occasional experience made everyone excited. It was already past the time when flowers are in bloom, but there were still many kinds of things along the way. Beautiful flowers.Under the sun, Kang Yuan's friends were singing or listening to ditties, and they were extremely happy. Even his usually extremely serious colleagues also participated.Halfway up the mountain, everyone stopped to rest, but accidentally discovered that there was a house in the mountain with a swing.This makes it really difficult for us to move forward, and we can't help but stay here and reluctant to leave for a long time.

At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the activity was coming to an end. Everyone was a little tired. We packed our bags and got on the bus back to the city, ending the day's activities.

August is the harvest season. Farmers harvest food, and although we are tired, we also gain friendship, get closer to each other, and gain happiness!

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