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Canworld Spring Tour to Enjoy Millions of Sunflower Gardens

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April is full of spring, and it’s a good time for spring outings!On April 19, the company organized employees to participate in a one-day trip to the Million Sunflower Garden. The purpose of the spring outing was to let everyone relax in the spring season, stay away from intense work pressure, and have close contact with nature, thereby stimulating their interest in work and life. enthusiasm.

The company's administrative department prepared and made overall arrangements in advance. In the morning, everyone took a bus to Guangzhou Million Sunflower Garden and arrived at the destination after an hour and a half's drive.Looking around, you will be surrounded by greenery, blooming flowers, and everything is full of vitality.With the sun shining brightly, we slowly moved forward along the winding flower path. The 7 different flower worlds were like different islands in Pandora. We were flying around like Avatar on a bird. The flower field train took us through different seas of flowers. , appreciate the different styles of the sea of ​​flowers, have close contact with the sea of ​​flowers from all angles, and listen to the laughter of flowers.

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For Chinese food, try the long-famous 'Sunflower Chicken' banquet, the 'Caiyunfei' flower restaurant in the Million Sunflower Garden, which cost more than 50 million, and the world-class hanging flower hall, designed by Mo Bozhi Studio. The creativity comes from Japan is the only landscape with hanging flowers in the country, which makes every employee marvel!

After having lunch at 'Caiyunfei', the employees took photos one after another while enjoying the entertainment, creating a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere.During the visit to the garden, employees exchanged relevant flower knowledge while encouraging and supporting each other, which enhanced emotional exchanges and team cohesion.Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, everyone relaxed their body and mind and relieved the pressure caused by work and life. The park was filled with laughter and laughter.

This pleasant spring outing enriched the employees' spare time cultural life, enhanced mutual exchanges and communication among employees, stimulated employees' enthusiasm for work, and enhanced everyone's team awareness.

Millions of sunflowers, we Canworld people will be as glorious, proud, loyal, loving and brave as the sunflowers to pursue the industrial control dream that belongs to Canworld!

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