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[Canworld House] 2015 Summer 'Canworld Cup' Basketball Game

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It’s already a scorching red sun in May in Shenzhen, but this has not diminished our Canworld people’s enthusiasm for this basketball game at all.At 19:00 on May 8, 2015, Mr. Chen from Shenzhen general agent Shengwang rushed to the Kangwo Industrial Park without stopping. At this time, our athletes in yellow uniforms had been waiting for a long time.Mr. Hou, the regional sales director of Canworld, will serve as the referee for this game, and the teammates of the Saint-Wang team will serve as the scorers for this game.

At 19:30, as the referee's whistle sounded, the game officially started.At the beginning, the Saint-Ouen team took the initiative and grabbed the opening kick.The players on both sides played very seriously. Of course, during the game, the players of the two teams always adhered to the sports purpose of friendship first and competition second.

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This game is divided into first and second halves. The whole game can be said to be inextricable.The first half of the game may be due to the relatively strong physical strength. The game was very intense. Both sides fought hard for every rebound and the physical contact was very brutal (the editor could hear the collision of bones next to me).But the first half of the game ended in a draw.

After the halftime break, due to the severe decline in physical strength of both teams, the players of the two teams adjusted their tactics respectively. The players of the Saint-Ouen team suddenly felt better. Soon the score was approaching and it was white-hot again.Although there are 9 of you, we are suppressing you with our strength (the referee is our president, hehe).In the end, the Canworld team lived up to expectations and won the championship.

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At the end of the game, the two parties took a friendly photo together, and Mr. Wang personally went into battle. This was the hospitality of our boss. He expressed the hope that the cooperative relationship between the two companies would become closer and make progress together.So far, the 2015 summer 'Canworld Cup' Shenzhen General Agent Basketball Game has come to a successful conclusion.

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