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Canworld Electric’s mid-2015 marketing meeting was successfully held

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The flow of fire in July, the exuberance of life, bursts out with fiery passion, excitement, and poetic melody.In this scorching day, Canworld Electric's 2015 mid-year marketing meeting was held as scheduled at the Shenzhen headquarters from July 7 to July 10, 2015.Canworld Electric's general manager Wang Hongshu, marketing director Lei Hong and other company leaders, as well as marketing personnel from major offices across the country, gathered together to plan for performance growth.

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At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Wang delivered an important speech.Mr. Wang analyzed the company's current situation, looked forward to the future development trends and directions of the inverter industry, and finally explained the company's new market strategy.The leader's wise decision-making and deployment are the source of employees' confidence in the enterprise and the motivation to work hard.Mr. Wang's speech greatly inspired the confidence and work enthusiasm of all marketing staff.

This conference is a summary conference, a reflection conference and a reform conference.Mr. Lei, Marketing Director of Canworld Electric, gave an in-depth summary of the company's work in the first half of 2015.Mr. Lei reviewed the sales completed by each office in the first half of the year. Many offices exceeded their goals for the first half of the year and completed 56% of the full-year sales tasks in the first half of the year.Mr. Lei made a detailed plan for the second half of the year, emphasizing that by focusing on key issues and making rapid improvements, everything is possible. He resolutely achieved the 2015 sales target and went all out to increase sales.

The company specially hired senior marketing planning teachers to conduct professional training on the theme of 'key account planning' for sales staff, which greatly improved the marketing skills and professional quality of the sales staff.The conference also held a simulated speech contest, where all marketers exchanged dealer training and sales skills. Everyone enthusiastically demonstrated their sales and negotiation skills. Zhao Huazheng from Hangzhou finally won the championship.

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Mr. Lei then explained the company's new marketing policy and the salary assessment adjustments for sales staff.This fully demonstrates Canworld Electric's confidence and determination in reform, and reflects Canworld Electric's courage and courage to go all out to focus on sales.

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'The mighty spring river lingers for a while, and then we step onto the mountain peak and our eyes will open. 'Opportunities and challenges coexist, hope and difficulties coexist. As long as we seize every day, strive every day, seize the day and night, and work hard, we will surely succeed. The successful completion of this year's marketing goals will promote Canworld Electric to steadily achieve the ambitious goal of 'the leader in domestic inverter innovation'.Only by working together can we win together, and only by being affectionate and righteous can we be beneficial.All marketing staff of Canworld Electric work together to overcome the difficulties, go hand in hand, and create greater glory!

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