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Canworld Electric's first 'Badminton' competition in 2019

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In order to enrich employees' spare time life, enhance cohesion among employees, create a sunny, energetic and passionate corporate atmosphere, and show the youthful vitality of employees.Sponsored by the Human Resources Department and co-organized by various departments, the 'Canworld Electric 2019 First Badminton' competition kicked off this month.

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On the afternoon of December 27, more than 30 badminton enthusiasts from various departments of the company performed a number of exciting games.

This competition is divided into three categories: men's singles, women's singles, and mixed doubles, and all adopt a best-of-three sets system.The ranking of each individual event will be determined through knockout rounds.Due to the active organization of the Human Resources Department, the team members arrived at the stadium early at 15:30 in the afternoon.Before the game, while the staff was making preparations, the team members couldn't hold back their passion and took the time to warm up.Before the game even started, the atmosphere was getting more and more intense.When it was announced that the game had officially begun, the players devoted themselves seriously to the game.On the field, the team members worked hard and showed their skills to the fullest, constantly attracting screams and cheers from the audience.

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Picture 5 Throughout the competition, everyone was laughing and full of energy, which demonstrated the positive mental outlook of the employees, strengthened the cohesion of the company, and promoted the vigorous development of fitness activities for all employees. It not only enriched the employees' spare time life, but also promoted the employees' fitness. Sports have brought unity, friendship, warmth and harmony among employees and departments.

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After more than three hours of fierce competition, Long Jiyuan, Liang Shiqiang and Yi Chongyun won the men's singles, second and third prizes respectively. Liang Yuanfei, Lei Ming and Qiu Limin won the women's singles, second and third prizes respectively. Wang Zong and Lei Ming won the first prize in mixed doubles. At this point, this event ended successfully.

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The competition is like fire, burning passion; the competition is like water, soaking the soul.Applause, laughter, and cheers brought together Canworld Electric’s common happy voice.

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