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Canworld Electric's 2016 sales management personnel marketing annual meeting was successfully held

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Summary:From December 8th to 9th, 2016, Shenzhen Canworld Electric Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the 'Canworld Electric 2016 Sales Manager Marketing Annual Meeting' at the Kangwo Industrial Park of Shenzhen Headquarters.This meeting was co-hosted by the company's general manager Mr. Wang Hongshu and marketing director Mr. Qiu. Sales management talents from the seven major regions of the country (East China, South China, Shandong, North China, Northwest, Southwest, and Northeast) gathered to participate. During the meeting, the company's R&D Center The person in charge, Mr. Yu, and the production director, Mr. Guo, participated in the communication and exchange.

With the theme of 'New Starting Point, New Development, New Leap', this meeting focused on summarizing the work of the marketing center in 2016 and commending advanced individuals; deploying the market work in 2017, mobilizing the sales team, and creating a grand opening in 2017 with full enthusiasm Kang Yuan!

At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Mr. Wang Hongshu analyzed and summarized the work of the marketing center in 2016 from the perspective of the company's market development direction, product planning, etc. and clarified the company's development focus in the new year.

At the meeting, the marketing director of the Northern Region explained the '2017 Marketing Policy' to the entire sales team, actively listened to the feasibility opinions put forward by the sales managers, enriched and adjusted some marketing strategies, and aimed to fully support the sales team in exploring the market. , achieve good results!

This annual marketing meeting comprehensively explains the company's development strategy from the aspects of marketing policy, market planning, product planning, etc., reiterates the business philosophy of being market-oriented, taking innovation as the core, seeking management with rigor, and seeking development with quality, and adheres to the business philosophy of Impressing customers with integrity and retaining customers with quality are the source of development for every Canworld person in the future!

The meeting encouraged the sales team to actively understand the market sales goals and strengthen the confidence and motivation to achieve the goals!Create new glory for Canworld Electric in 2017!

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