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Canworld Electric’s 2015 regional sales director meeting concluded successfully

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Summary:Canworld Electric's 2015 Regional Sales Director Meeting was held in Kangwo Industrial Park, Shenzhen Headquarters, from December 11 to 12, 2015. The meeting was personally hosted and explained by Marketing Director Mr. Lei Hong. Participants came from 7 regions across the country (South China, East China , North China, Shandong, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest) gathered to participate. The general manager, Mr. Wang Hongshu, and the heads of the R&D center, Mr. Yu and Yu Bo, participated in the communication and exchange.

Photo at the front desk

The mission is solemn and the task is arduous

Faced with the sluggish market environment in 2015, Canworld's sales team still maintained a level of performance growth, which was affirmed by the group company and Canworld's general manager Wang Hongshu.In the face of an increasingly complex market environment with increasingly complex means of competition, strategic policy adjustments for marketing reform and innovation were made at this meeting!

Marketing policy, market planning

Marketing Director Lei Hong summarized the marketing operation status and results in 2015.The 2016 market development plan was explained, and the new marketing policy for 2016 and related sales management authority and specifications were announced.

Photos in the conference room

Challenges are severe and confidence is doubled

This annual marketing management meeting gave everyone a clear understanding of the 2016 sales goals and the company's strategic direction, and strengthened the confidence and determination to complete the goals and tasks!The improvement of concepts, innovation of marketing policies, and innovation of product portfolio will be the persistent driving force and source of Canworld Electric!

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