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Canworld Electric’s 2014 Annual Marketing Summary Conference was successfully held

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The horse has bid farewell to the new year, and the glorious 2014 is about to come to a grand end; Sanyang is kicking off, and the brand-new 2015 is setting sail in full glory.From January 26 to January 30, 2015, the Marketing Center held the 2014 annual marketing work meeting with the theme of 'Review, Innovation, and Breakthrough' in the newly established Kangwo Industrial Park.


Carefully summarize in-depth analysis

In the extremely fierce market competition in 2014, Canworld's marketing team seized opportunities, overcame difficulties, fought tenaciously, and made unremitting efforts to complete the 2014 sales target with a high sense of responsibility and high execution ability.On behalf of the group and the company, General Manager Wang Hongshu and Marketing Director Lei Hong thanked all employees working on the front line of sales for their hard work over the past year. They congratulated everyone on their hard-earned achievements. At the same time, they also reviewed sales analysis, marketing measures, management measures and existing deficiencies. The four aspects conducted a comprehensive and objective review and analysis of the work in 2014, and promoted and implemented the marketing policy and sales personnel in 2015.

This meeting is a summary and reflection meeting. It not only reviews last year's experience and understanding, but also reflects on last year's shortcomings. It does not avoid problems and contradictions, but also solves many problems and contradictions with a sunny attitude.At the same time, it was a meeting that 'clarified goals, responsibilities, policies, measures, and assessments', which revealed efficiency, confidence, momentum, fighting spirit, and passion. This fully demonstrates that Canworld's marketing team is a good team with high quality and combat effectiveness.



Goals and strategies synchronized

Achievements belong to the past, and the new year brings a new atmosphere. Without goals, there is no motivation; goals without assessment are also invalid goals, and without follow-up strategies to support them, they are mediocre and cannot be predicted or guaranteed.New year, new goals, new motivation, height determines perspective.Marketing Director Lei Hong explained to everyone the 2015 sales targets and breakdown, sales policies and implementation details.The sales staff had a detailed understanding of the sales targets and strategies for 2015, which enhanced their confidence.

Also good at team management

Effective team management and assessment policies are the prerequisite and foundation for ensuring implementation.At the meeting, sales personnel management, salary assessment, business trip instructions, regional divisions, etc. were publicized and explained to marketers.


Strengthen training and improve quality

On January 29, Mr. Fan from a professional consulting company was hired to conduct a one-day training titled 'Regional Sales Management and Performance Improvement' for the sales staff.The relaxed and humorous teaching atmosphere and the simulated and interactive teaching method make the participants quickly integrate into it.Through training, marketers' horizons are broadened, their knowledge is increased, and their business quality is improved.

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Signing goals and responsibilities with courage and respect

In 2015, all work was centered around achieving sales volume, and the target sales volume was both a challenge and a motivation.On the afternoon of January 30, a signing ceremony for the 2015 performance commitment letter with each regional sales manager was held.All sales managers have stated that they will resolutely implement the company's marketing goals and are confident and capable of setting new sales highs.

A new goal every year, a new leap every year. In the development process of marketing in recent years, sales goals have always maintained rapid and stable growth.Groups of simple figures allow us to feel the strong development pulse of the marketing center. This time of leaps and bounds is not only a leap in growth figures, but also a reinvention of the development concept. These real achievements allow us to The marketing development prospects are full of more expectations.

It's another good time of the year, and this time it's better than before.Although it is cold and windy at the moment, we can hear the surging sound of spring and see the blooming figures of spring flowers. In the year of 2015, which is full of expectations, the Marketing Center Conference will take advantage of the closing momentum and the power of leap forward to stand at a new starting point. , continue to write a new chapter!

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