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Canworld Electric participated in the 2015 Shandong International Industrial Automation Application Technology Exhibition with new inverter products

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March 12-14, 2015, Canworld ElectricautomationThe product was unveiled at the 14th China (Shandong) International Industrial Automation Application Technology Exhibition and launched the CDE350 seriesFrequency converter, CDE500 vector inverter, CDE502 high-power wall-mounted inverter, C3V series PLC, CHI series human-machine interface, through different performance display demonstration systems, allowing Shandong partners to fully experience the benefits brought by Canworld Electric's high starting point and high cost-effective products Technological innovation.Picture 3

Picture 4

Canworld Electric’s booth was crowded with people

Kangwo Group has always adhered to the vision of 'creating brilliance with only quality'. It started with inverter products in 2000. Through 15 years of experience in R&D, design and manufacturing of automation products, and 15 years of accumulation, it has grown in power, petrochemicals, steel, and oil fields. , chemical industry, building materials, textile, printing, plastics, machine tools, mining and other industries are widely used.In 2015, we took creating a one-stop solution for industrial automation as a new strategic starting point and continued to strive for the mission of maximizing customer value.

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CDE500-4T315G/355LFrequency converter makes stunning debut

Wang Hongshu, general manager of Canworld Electric, attended the Shandong exhibition for the first time. Looking at the attendees, he proudly said: As the first automation product launched by Canworld Electric on the market, the frequency converter remains the reference for domestic first-tier brands, and all products comply with CE certification. .We ensure the use of components from major international brands, combined with the performance advantages of European and American brands, the cost-effective advantages of Taiwanese brands, and the determination to deeply cultivate the Chinese market.CDE500 adopts high-precision magnetic field oriented vector control algorithm, making it a truly high-performance vector inverter. It has a compact appearance and patented design and has applications such as PLC, PID control, multi-speed, swing frequency control, speed tracking, and automatic voltage stabilization. Functions and rich external interfaces such as the RS485 interface of the Modbus RTU communication protocol can meet the various needs of users to the greatest extent.

Finally, Canworld Electric’s future development plan was also emphasized: Based on high, medium and low voltage inverters, we will successively launch servo drives and other core products in the controland new energy products, enabling customers to purchase conveniently and have diverse choices within 2-3 years.

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