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Canworld Electric once again won the award '2013 Most Cutting-edge Enterprise in the Inverter Industry'

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On October 25, 2013, the 'Top Ten Selection of China's Electrical Industry' held a grand award ceremony at the Huicong Industrial Base.This year's top ten selections are based on the theme of 'Cohesion - Power of Transformation'. Changing the future of the industry with influence is the consistent purpose of the top ten selections, and the electrical industry adheres to the principles of 'fairness, justice and openness' , looking for the annual 'leaders' in the industry, promoting and commending those companies and figures who have made significant contributions to the development of China's electrical industry; helping more forward-looking companies seize opportunities, change old ideas, explore new models, and expand A new industrial development path; allowing more companies to build corporate influence with high-quality brands, win in fierce market competition, and push the industry forward.

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In this selection, Canworld Electric went through layers of screening and was recognized by many review experts. It was awarded the title of 'The Most Emerging Enterprise in the Inverter Industry in 2013' amidst thunderous applause and crowds.

Canworld Electric's mushrooming development trend continues to expand the scale of the company. In addition to developing products such as low, medium and high-voltage inverters and servo drives, the company has gradually extended into the field of new energy. The newly completed new facility in Baolong, Shenzhen The 20,000-square-meter 'Canworld Industrial Park' in the industrial zone will be built into a R&D and manufacturing base dedicated to high-tech products, including servo products under development, new energy electric vehicle controllers, and high-voltage inverter projects that have been launched , fully realizing the development direction from a single product to a diversified industry.

Kang Yuan will get '2013The most cutting-edge enterprise in the frequency converter industry'Taking this opportunity, with the care and support of industry experts, and the attention and encouragement of industry colleagues, we will work hard and keep making progress, and strive to promote the sound and rapid development of 'Canworld'.

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