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Canworld Electric brings new products to the 27th Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition 2014

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The 27th China International Ceramic Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2014 (referred to as the Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition) successfully concluded on May 24. As a 26-year historical heritage, Asia's largest, most authoritative and most professional world gold medal ceramic industry industry A grand event, this exhibition gathers high-quality ceramic industry enterprises from all over the world.Canworld Electric, as a representative brand of domestic industrial automation product manufacturers, appeared in Hall 1.1. With its exquisite and realistic ball mill demonstration system and industrial constant pressure water supply system, it attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign visitors.



CDE500 series frequency converter in0.1sRapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, current limiting control,VF 0.1 HzHigh sinusoidal output current, speed tracking, instantaneous stop function testWith several outstanding performances, it has broken many users' traditional impression of domestic inverters since its launch.


The CDE500 series inverter, newly launched in May, is still the focus of the exhibition


Canworld Electric end-user booth displays Canworld CDE500 series inverters

In view of the particularity of the ceramic industry, Canworld Electric has more than 10 quality control links including R&D and design, raw material procurement, product pilot testing, high temperature aging, interference testing, dustproof and heat dissipation treatment, process review, performance testing, small batch testing, etc. , insisting on repeated testing in strict accordance with international quality standards and process requirements, and finally officially put into mass production.

At the exhibition, He Gong from the Technical Service Department demonstrated on-site the output three-phase UVW short-circuit protection between any phases of CDE500-4T2R2G/3R7L in ball mill system applications. After repeated short-circuit tests for many times, the CDE500 inverter instantly jumped out (FAL 1) after a short-circuit fault code. , completely protecting the inverter and motor. After pressing the reset button, run the inverter and the entire ball mill system will operate normally again.Such destructive and dangerous experiments should have been carried out in the laboratory, but Canworld Electric technicians showed it perfectly at the exhibition site. How courageous is this?Therefore, it also verifies the strength of CDE500 series inverters!Welcome ceramic equipment industry executives to express their admiration!

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Mr. Wan, Chairman of Foshan Zhongpeng Ceramic Equipment/ Mr. Chen, General Manager of Guangxi Xinquanye Ceramics

Visit Canworld’s booth to watch and verify the output three-phase UVW short-circuit protection test between any phases.

In addition to the fashionable and high-end CDE500 series inverters, Canworld Electric's products have become more diversified. PLC and human-machine interface series products are gradually on the market. Canworld CHI series human-machine interface specifications range from 4.3 to 10.4 inches. This new generation of people The computer interface system has ultra-fast computing speed, large storage system, and advanced application fields.Canworld C1S series and C2N series PLC are launched on the market with high standards of reliability, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. They are two independent channels with high-speed pulse output of up to 200K. They have rich soft components and extended functions, and powerful programming capabilities. Achieve high-speed computing, support RTC real-time clock, support MODBUS protocol and other powerful functions.

As a professional manufacturer with fourteen years of leading technology in industrial automation control products, Canworld Electric has always been committed to tapping the unlimited potential of automation control with cutting-edge industrial control technology and solutions, using technology to radiate the wonderful world, and in-depth understanding of the world. The needs of users change, and Canworld Electric accelerates its development in the field of industrial control.

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Canworld Electric Foshan Office Sales Team

At this exhibition, Canworld Electric used its unique personality to explain to people what courage is?Courage comes from the strength of Canworld Electric's products. We believe that in the days to come, Canworld Electric will continue to bring more surprises and happiness to users!

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