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Canworld Electric appeared at the 2015 Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition

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The four-day 29th China International Ceramic Industry Technology and Products Exhibition (2015 Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition) ended successfully on June 4.The exhibition covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, with 5,500 booths in eight exhibition halls and professional buyers from 72 countries. The Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition is praised by the industry as the vane of global ceramic industry technology.The product series displayed by Canworld Electric at this exhibition are more colorful than before, especially the new CDE520Q series ball mill frequency conversion integrated machine, which has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign buyers.Let Kang Yuanjun take you to review some of the classic scenes of Canworld Electric’s Guangzhou Ceramics Exhibition.

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CDE500 series, CDE350 series product ladder type

The CDE500 series inverter has several outstanding performances such as fast acceleration and deceleration in 0.1s, current limiting control, high sinusoidal VF 0.1 Hz output current, speed tracking, instantaneous stop function test, etc. It has broken the expectations of many users since its inception. Confined by the traditional impression of domestically produced inverters.It is currently the main force of Canworld Electric and has won praise and love from our customers.
CDE350 series inverter is a brand new product launched by Canworld Electric in response to market demand. It applies advanced space voltage vector SPWM control technology, uses high-performance power modules and DSP chips, has a built-in current control loop, and supports multiple external expansions. IO board, PG card (ABZ signal, complementary form and differential form) and a variety of extended communication boards (extended MODBUS, PROFIBUSDP, CANOPEN), launched vector inverters for fans, pumps and general mechanical load situations.

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At this exhibition, Canworld Electric launched a special frequency converter developed for ball mills: CDE520Q ball mill frequency conversion all-in-one machine.It uses frequency conversion adjustment technology and combines the working principle of the ball mill to transform the ball mill's drag system.The frequency converter can set up different operation modes according to the process requirements of different raw materials to realize the optimal operation of the ball mill.Running speed is continuously adjustableLow speed and high torqueMotor starts without shockand other characteristics, and can effectively control the feedback energy caused by the large inertia of the ball mill.Many domestic and foreign manufacturers consulted on-site about the parameters and functions of the ball mill. Many Sri Lankan and Indian manufacturers have made on-site quotations and reached purchase intentions. This ball mill is one of the products with the strongest response in the Canworld Electric market.

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On-site demonstration of the newly launched CDE520Q series ball milling frequency conversion all-in-one machine

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In view of the particularity of the ceramic industry, Canworld Electric has more than 10 quality control links including R&D and design, raw material procurement, product pilot testing, high temperature aging, interference testing, dustproof and heat dissipation treatment, process review, performance testing, small batch testing, etc. , insisting on repeated testing in strict accordance with international quality standards and process requirements, and finally officially put into mass production.The putting into use of the new industrial park has greatly increased the production capacity of Canworld Electrical inverters. The 8 production lines can basically meet the needs of customers. It is planned to add 2 new production lines this year.

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Cornwall Industrial Park

In addition to inverters for mid-to-high-end applications, Canworld Electrical products have become more diversified.PLC and human-machine interface series products are gradually on the market. Canworld CHI series human-machine interface specifications range from 4.3 to 10.4 inches. This new generation of human-machine interface system has ultra-fast computing speed, ultra-large storage system, and advanced application fields.Canworld C1S series and C2N series PLC are launched on the market with high standards of reliability, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. They are two independent channels with high-speed pulse output of up to 200K. They have rich soft components and extended functions, and powerful programming capabilities. Achieve high-speed computing, support RTC real-time clock, support MODBUS protocol and other powerful functions.

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At this exhibition, Canworld Electric displayed a rich product series. Currently, the CDE500 series meets high-end applications in the industrial field, and the CDE350 series covers mid-range applications.The newly launched CDE520Q series ball mill frequency conversion integrated machine has been recognized by the majority of users as soon as it was launched, which greatly increases the perseverance of Canworld people in pursuing exploration on the road of independent technological innovation!

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