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Canworld Electric East China Distributor Strategic Cooperation Conference was held perfectly in Suzhou

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On September 18, 2015, Canworld Electric held the 'Kangxing World Yuanrong Qixing' East China Dealer Strategic Cooperation Conference and Ordering Fair, which ended successfully in Suzhou.In the golden autumn of September, 'the autumn wind blows and the setting sun fades', the weather in Suzhou is particularly pleasant in this season. The editor believes that the most poetic season in Jiangnan should be autumn.On this crisp autumn day, Canworld Electric's dealer partners in East China gathered in Suzhou to work together on the development plan.

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At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Wang Hongshu, general manager of Canworld Electric, delivered a speech on the company's corporate culture, advantages and prospect planning.Mr. Lei Hong, Marketing Director of Canworld Electric, gave a detailed overview of industry development trends, the company's marketing strategy deployment and channel resource integration.Dr. Yu, R&D Director of Canworld Electric, gave a comprehensive introduction to special machines such as CDE350 and CDE500. The scene was filled with excitement, which increased the dealers' confidence in Canworld Electric.In addition, Mr. Hua, as a dealer representative, shared his successful experience with everyone. His sharing was full of wit and witty remarks, which received thunderous applause from the dealer partners on site.

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At the thank-you dinner, everyone gathered together and enjoyed a variety of delicacies.Mr. Wang specially brought his collection of 20-year-old cellar liquor from the Shenzhen headquarters for everyone to taste.The banquet soon came to the draw, which everyone loved to see. The prizes this time were all cash.The final first prize was won by Mr. Guo from Wuxi.

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Canworld Electric adheres to the dealer policy of 'zero profit feedback'. Canworld Electric's discounts at this order fair are unprecedented. The ordering site is very popular and the order amount rises rapidly.

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