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Canworld Electric CDE500 series inverter new product is launched

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Canworld Electric's CDE500 series frequency converters were exhibited at the '13th China (Shandong) International Industrial Automation Application Technology Exhibition' and the '11th Hebei International Manufacturing Automation and Instrumentation Exhibition' in March this year. After the debut, it will officially go on sale today.

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The CDE500 series inverter is a new generation of high-performance vector inverter created by Canworld Electric. This series of inverters adopts a high-precision magnetic field oriented vector control algorithm, making it a truly high-performance vector inverter.It adopts international famous brand power devices, is carefully designed, and is produced using mature international processes, making it highly reliable. At the same time, the inverter has PLC, PID control, multi-speed, swing frequency control, speed tracking, and automatic voltage stabilization. Application functions and rich external interfaces such as the RS485 communication interface of the Modbus RTU communication protocol enable it to meet the various needs of users to the greatest extent.

0.1s rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration

·Set to 0.1s to quickly accelerate the process and start with the maximum allowable overcurrent stall to achieve the purpose of quick start.

·Set 0.1s and enable the overvoltage stall control function to smoothly control the bus voltage at the desired overvoltage stall point to avoid unnecessary overvoltage functions.

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Current limiting control

·If the instantaneous output current is too large, the overcurrent stall will quickly adjust the output frequency and control the output current at the overcurrent stall point to avoid unnecessary overcurrent.When the output load decreases, the output frequency will automatically rise to the reference frequency.

Picture 3

VF 0.1 Hz output current with high sinusoidal degree

·0.1Hz output sine degree is high, which is also the necessary guarantee for high and low frequency torque and high stability.

RPM tracking

The process of testing speed tracking:

1. Enable the flying start function;

2. Start the motor and run it to 50Hz;

3. Do free shutdown;

4. After a period of time (no time limit);

5. Start the motor again, and the inverter will perform a flying start to start the motor.

Picture 4

From Figure 4-1, we can see that after continuous and repeated operations (coast stop, then fly start), the output current is smooth, the motor starts smoothly, and the output is fault-free.

Instant stop function test

The working process of instant stop and non-stop function:

1. The input mains power is disconnected;

2. The output frequency decreases to maintain the bus voltage within a certain range to ensure that the inverter does not stop working;

3. When the bus voltage recovers and remains for the set time, the mains power is considered restored;

4. When the mains power is restored, the inverter output frequency will be the reference frequency before the power outage.

Picture 5

In summary, we can see that the motor control performance (dynamics, stability) of the CDE500 series inverter is excellent, with more user-friendly design and easy operation and maintenance.

New product landscape Canworld frequency conversion era

As a pioneer in China's industrial control industry since 2000, Canworld Electric has always promoted the upgrading and development of the inverter industry with a forward-looking strategic vision.The CDE500 series inverter released by Canworld this time is the most competitive product in the current Canworld low-voltage inverter product line. It also indicates that Canworld brand automation products are truly integrated with the global market. Domestic and foreign consumers can enjoy domestically produced products at reasonable prices. The most high-end Canworld CDE500 series inverter of its own brand.

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