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Concentrate our efforts and build dreams together - Canworld Electric's trip to Xiamen in 2023

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Spring is not over yet, summer is coming, and we are walking into the gentle May, ushering in the prosperity of summer. The green shade is slowly growing, the light summer is long, everything is just right.The company organized the 'Three-Day Tour to Xiamen', and we had a beautiful encounter with Xiamen.As Canworld people, we feel full of warmth and happiness, and we board the 'Happiness' with excitement and set off for Xiamen!

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Xiamen is located in the southeastern part of Fujian Province where the Jiulong River enters the sea. It is backed by Zhangzhou and Quanzhou Plains, and is on the edge of the Taiwan Strait. It is far away from the main island of Taiwan and the Penghu Islands.Islands, reefs, rocks, temples, flowers and trees set off each other. Overseas Chinese customs, Fujian and Taiwan customs, seaside food and exotic architecture are integrated into one. The spring-like climate all year round adds to the charm of the sea. It is a graceful and graceful sea.' 'Sea Garden'.

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Our first stop was Jimei Village, Jimei, the ultimate beauty.After more than 100 years of construction and development, Jimei Village founded by the patriotic overseas Chinese Mr. Tan Kah Kee has now formed a talent training system from preschool education to elementary school, junior high school and high school, and from undergraduate education to master's and doctoral education.This is Mr. Chen's great achievement for a long time, an act that enriches the country and strengthens the people.The current school village is not only a beautiful place, but also a tourist attraction that gathers many beauties. Its architecture integrates Chinese and Western styles. Here we not only see the architectural characteristics of the hometown of overseas Chinese in southern Fujian, but also let us feel the historical and humanistic stories and old people. We are deeply shocked by Mr. Sir's national spirit of 'sincere patriotism, pioneering and innovative'.

Picture 2Picture 3The second stop was the Xiamen Botanical Garden, a botanical garden carefully designed around the Wanshiyan Reservoir.There are more than 20 specialized gardens and planting areas in the park, including the pine and fir garden, the palm garden, the medicinal botanical garden, and the large-scale cactus garden. More than 3,000 tropical and subtropical plants are cultivated, including the metasequoia, which is known as the 'living fossil.' , Ginkgo, is a beautiful and colorful tourist garden with fragrance in all seasons.In this garden full of tropical style, we are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, our souls are purified in this dust-free environment, and we will be in a better state in our future work.

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The next morning we took a bus to enjoy the scenery along the Ring Island Road. It is also a long sea view with different views. People can appreciate the beautiful southern scenery, beautiful beaches, shuttle sails, and magnificent clouds from different angles. These are all very refreshing.The most shocking thing is the slogan 'One country, two systems, unifying China'. Directly opposite is Taiwan's Kinmen Island. Youdao is 'Xiamen and Kinmen are door to door, and the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are eager to open the door.'The wishes of the Chinese people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are entrusted to them, like a kind mother calling her children to return to her arms as soon as possible, hoping that Taiwan will return as soon as possible.

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Then we came to the Xiamen Mountains and Seas Health Trail. The Mountains and Seas Trail consists of two crisscrossing trails, namely the Forest and Sea Line and the Sea of ​​Clouds Line. It is a beautiful trail that runs between the mountains and the sea. It offers an unobstructed view of the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas. It is a very wonderful experience. .

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'The city is on the sea, and the sea is in the city.' In Gulangyu Island, which is full of romantic feelings, we feel that it is half human history and half mountains, rivers and lakes.Gulangyu Island is surrounded by the sea, like a sparkling pearl embedded in a bright mirror.Looking across the shore, it seems quiet and moving, which is very magical. There are so many tourists on the island, but you can't feel the noise and noise at all.

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On the third day, we visited Nanputuo Temple, a holy place of Buddhism. There is an old saying in southern Fujian: 'One year of walking in Putuo will save you from suffering for three years. One safe meal will bring you good luck.' The ancient temple of East China Sea, Ludao Zen Palace, in Wufeng Surrounded by , Nanputuo Temple stands here.In the most special corner of the bustling city, listening to Sanskrit music and watching the incense curling up, you will have a moment of peace and purity in your heart.'Facing the sea, spring flowers are blooming.' Such days are not only found in novels and poems. In Shapowei and Zengcuo'an on Xiamen Island, you can also feel the vastness of the blue sea and the human fireworks of the fishing village.

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The vast expanse of blue waves is filled with egrets.Encounter the blue and poetic Xiamen in the romantic May.Let us gallop against the sea breeze, move forward in the direction of the sea, walk together, laugh together, fight side by side, and jointly create a brilliant future for Canworld!

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