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China's first single-machine 1000KW low-voltage inverter is launched

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In August this year, Canworld launched the CDE600-4T1000G, the first domestic high-power single cabinet machine to hit the blank market.This single 1000KW low-voltage inverter will solve the frequency conversion control problems of large industrial and mining enterprises and large equipment.

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The CDE600 series of single-machine high-power low-voltage inverters are the technical achievements of Canworld Electric based on the latest theories of European power technology and automation control. Combined with the latest market power technology application needs, it surpasses the traditional high-power parallel solution and is the first domestically launched one. Single unit 1000KW low-voltage inverter, power range from 630KW to 1000KW.

Because of this first case, it has attracted the attention of industry-related enterprise experts, university professors and technical workers. On July 25, it was hosted by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association, hosted by the Shenzhen Electrical Energy Saving Research Association, and chaired by Mr. Wang Zhankui, a researcher-level senior engineer. 'Independent Innovation Lecture Hall' specially invited Mr. Wang Hongshu, General Manager of Canworld Electric, and Mr. Lei Hong, Marketing Director, to give a lecture on 'High Current Inverter'.First of all, it has won the recognition of experts from its high configuration: train-grade traction modules, German Epcos electrolytic capacitors, turbo fans, copper radiators, Swiss LEM Hall current sensors, etc. Secondly, from the comparative analysis of the stability of single machines and parallel machines, From hardware to reasonable structure to software, it has strong advantages over traditional parallel machines.

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Mr. Wang Hongshu and Mr. Lei Hong lectured on 'High Current Frequency Converter'

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Mr. Wang Zhankui, Vice Chairman of the Electrical Energy Saving Research Association and a researcher-level senior engineer, hosted the 'Independent Innovation Lecture Hall'

Canworld has currently received orders for 72 single 1,000KW units, and has completed the production of six 1,000KW single cabinet units as of August 9.

Thank you and look forward to more customers continuing to pay attention to Canworld Electric's product trends. Canworld Electric's products will continue to innovate, provide customers with the most trustworthy products and industrial automation system solutions, and strive to become a first-line brand in the field of industrial control. .

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