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CDR soft start series


product description

CDR series soft starter/cabinet is a new type of starting equipment designed and produced using power electronics technology, microprocessor technology and modern control theory with today's international advanced level.This product can effectively limit the starting current of asynchronous motors when starting. It can be widely used in fans, water pumps, grinding, mixing, conveying and compressors, etc. The ideal replacement product for pressure starting equipment.

Capacity range

Three-phase 380V 22kW~400kW

Product performance

>Reduce the starting current of the motor, reduce the power distribution capacity, and avoid investment in capacity increase;  

>Reduce starting stress and extend the service life of motors and related equipment;  

> Multiple starting modes and wide range of current, voltage and other settings can adapt to a variety of load types and improve the process;  

>Powerful and complete protection functions can ensure the reliable operation of load equipment.

Starting method

Selecting different starting modes and parameter settings according to load characteristics can maximize the motor's optimal starting effect.

High technical performance

Due to the use of high-performance microprocessors and powerful software support functions, the control circuit can be optimized.For general loads, consistent and efficient execution results can be obtained without parameter adjustment.

High reliability

All electrical components of the CDR soft starter/cabinet have been strictly screened, and the main control board has undergone a 72-hour high-temperature cycle test and vibration test, thus ensuring the high reliability of the factory products.

Optimized structure

The scientific and reasonable modular structure and the three-in and six-out main terminal connection method are small in size and convenient for users to integrate and complete sets.The control terminals are pluggable, making wiring more efficient.

Keyboard setting function  

The simple and beautiful operation display keyboard can modify and set parameters such as start, stop, operation, and protection according to different loads.

Protective function

The CDR soft starter/cabinet has protection functions such as phase loss, overload, overcurrent, overheating, starting time overrun, and three-phase current imbalance for the starting and operation of the motor.With dynamic fault memory function, it is easy to find the cause.


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