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CDE360 series


product description:

The CDE360 series has a cost advantage over the CDE500 and CDE350 series. Under the premise of quality assurance, optimization and improvements have been made, such as current sampling circuit and sampling method improvement and optimization; drive circuit and control circuit optimization; PCB and structure optimization and improvement; heat dissipation system Improved and optimized, although the size is reduced, the temperature rise is still within the safe range; all series are equipped with LED keyboards as standard, and dual-display keyboards are optional for 15kw and above.

Application areas:

It is widely used in textile, papermaking, wire drawing, packaging, food and other industries, and is perfectly used in multi-pump constant pressure water supply, cooling fans, compressors, subway and tunnel ventilators, air conditioners, sewage treatment and other occasions.

Capacity range:

Single phase 220V  0.75KW - 2.2KW

Three-phase 380V  0.75KW - 560KW

Three-phase 480V  0.75KW - 560KW

Technical features:

1.Wide voltage input

Power supply voltage -15%~10%, 47Hz~63Hz, with under-voltage frequency reduction output function for selection, which can extend the power supply voltage application range to -30% (for example, the use range of 380V voltage level inverter is 266V-440V);

2. High anti-interference ability

Pulse group test: ±4800V

Static electricity (air discharge): 8000V

Static electricity (contact discharge): 6000V

With EMI circuit + lightning protection design

3. Phase-to-phase and ground-to-ground short circuit protection

Any phase-to-phase short circuit protection < 8uSec   U, V, W phase-to-ground short circuit protection;

4. Anti-corrosion treatment

8um nickel plated, three layers of British conformal paint on key parts;

5. Control signal power supply:

 Both +10V and +24V external power supplies have short circuit protection

 +10V has 30mA current output capability

 +24V has 200mA high current output capability

6. Overload capability

The overload capacity of all series of G-type inverters is 150% for one minute, and the overload capacity of L-type inverters is 120% for one minute.

7. Rich configuration

Supports an expansion relay board: expands four relays (T3~T4) and one Y terminal (Y3), supporting up to 6 relay outputs in total; CDE360-4T30G/37L and below models have built-in braking units;

8. Speed ​​tracking

No matter whether the current motor direction is forward or reverse, no matter whether the motor speed is high or low, smooth tracking can be guaranteed, and it will be successful the first time;

9. Instant stop without stopping

In the event of a mains power outage, the inverter can rely on motor feedback energy to temporarily stop the machine; it can also achieve low voltage ride-through;

10. Low-frequency current has high sinusoidal degree and large torque

 0.5Hz, can output 100% motor rated torque

11. Excellent quick start and stop performance (1Sec, acceleration and deceleration)

CH1: Output current, CH2: Output frequency, CH3: Bus voltage

12.Support multi-pump control

Support frequency conversion fixed mode and frequency conversion cycle mode;

A single machine can realize one-to-two, and with the expansion relay board, it can realize one-to-four;

Can realize soft starting of auxiliary pump;

Support scheduled automatic switching;

13.Support more functions:

* The keyboard extension is up to 1000 meters long;

* Swing frequency, fixed length and counting;

* PID+feedback disconnection detection+sleep and wake up;

* Jog, multi-speed and simple PLC;

* Support energy consumption braking, DC braking, and magnetic flux braking;

*Under voltage point, under voltage frequency reduction point;

* Overvoltage stall point, energy consumption braking point, and overvoltage point can be flexibly set;

*Keyboard supports parameter copy;

*Supports the use of expiration function (for special occasions, it is convenient for dealers to recover payment);

*Supports the latest three groups of fault storage;

* AI/AO user correction to obtain high-precision analog input and output;

* Supports custom parameter display mode to quickly and conveniently access desired parameters;

* Support non-default value display mode, quickly group and search parameters that are different from factory values;

*With brake control function, it can be used in some lifting industries.


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