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CDE860 series


Product Description

The CDE860 series is a high-quality, multi-functional current vector control inverter with LED dual display.Equipped with timing control function, it is more convenient for user management.

Application areas

Widely used in textile, papermaking, wire drawing, stone sawing, air compression, metallurgy, oil fields, lifting and other industries.

Capacity range

Single phase 220V   0.75kW~1.5kW

Three-phase 380V   1.5kW~37kW


>Water supply macro definition, pressure (target value, sleep value, wake-up value) one-click setting;

>LED dual display supports local keyboard upload and download to facilitate user debugging.

>Wide voltage working range, 264V-480V, can be used in low voltage situations;

>Low frequency torque is 0.5Hz 150% larger;

>Vector operation has excavator characteristics (output torque automatically increases);

>The low-frequency variable carrier can be automatically adjusted, the output torque is larger, and the motor runs more smoothly;

>Zero-speed operation output control is optional;

> Equipped with brake function to facilitate lifting applications;

> Equipped with timing control function to facilitate dealers to manage users;

> Equipped with over-voltage modulation function, the output can reach 110% of the input voltage; automatic voltage regulation (AVR) function can achieve stable operation of the motor when the power grid fluctuates;

>Vector can reach 500Hz, V/F can reach 3500Hz;

>Quick start and stop capability, can start and stop in a short time, quickly suppress the generated overvoltage and overcurrent, and achieve 0.1s acceleration and deceleration under the rated load of the motor;

> It has a fast wave-by-wave current limiting function, which can minimize the over-current fault of the frequency converter and ensure the normal operation of the frequency converter;

> Equipped with an oscillation suppression function. If the motor has obvious oscillation, the oscillation can be significantly suppressed through appropriate adjustment of the function parameters;

>V/F and vector support speed tracking.During free stop and restart, or instantaneous power outage, the frequency converter can judge the motor's speed and direction, track the motor's operating frequency, and achieve a smooth and impact-free start for the rotating motor;

>When the motor switches forward and reverse at zero speed, the current has no phase mutation and oscillation, and the speed has no pulsation;

>Standard configuration RS485 serial communication interface, using the international standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol;

>Can realize 16-segment speed operation, programmable PLC, swing frequency operation, and PID closed-loop operation;

>Complete protection functions, current limiting, overcurrent, short circuit, overload, overvoltage stall, overvoltage and undervoltage, overheating, power-on to ground, lack of phase, etc.;

>Up to three points of arbitrary V/F curve setting, adaptable to more applications;

>V/F control has voltage-frequency separation function, which expands the application field of the inverter;

>Password lock can be set for parameters;

>The accumulated power-on time and accumulated running time can be viewed separately;

>With PID signal feedback disconnection detection function;

>With torque control function;

>Have inverter fault query records;

>The +10V and 24V external power supplies of the CPU board have short-circuit protection.


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