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CDE520Q series ball mill dedicated frequency conversion integrated cabinet


product description

CDE520Q ball mill frequency converter integrated machine is a special frequency converter developed by our company for ball mills.It uses frequency conversion adjustment technology and combines the working principle of the ball mill to transform the ball mill's drag system.The frequency converter can set up different modes of operation according to the process requirements of different raw materials to achieve the continuously adjustable operating speed of the ball mill, low speed and high torque, and no impact when starting the motor. It can also effectively control the feedback energy caused by the large inertia of the ball mill.After installing the CDE520Q ball mill frequency converter all-in-one machine, the problems such as difficulty in starting the ball mill, large starting current, and frequent mechanical damage have been solved. The fluctuations in the power grid have been reduced, and the service life of the ball mill belts, shafts, and gearbox gears has been improved.

Capacity range

|Three-phase 380V 90kW~400kW


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