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CDE503F Flat Textile Special Series


product description

Since there will be flying cotton dust or lint in the air in the textile workshop, if an ordinary general-purpose inverter is used, it is easy to accumulate lint dust at the cooling fan. In severe cases, it will cause blockage and damage the inverter. Secondly, the environment where the inverter is used is high in temperature and humidity. , long-term continuous work.These are the characteristics of general frequency converters used in textile machinery.Therefore, Canworld Electric designed and produced the textile-specific inverter CDE503F. It does not use fans for heat dissipation, but uses additional larger heat sinks to dissipate heat from the inverter power module, which is slightly larger than ordinary inverters.Other than that, the functions are basically the same as those of general-purpose inverters.

Technical features

1. Automatic/manual torque boost, providing low-frequency and large cutting torque.

2. Excellent overcurrent and overvoltage control ensures continuous operation without tripping during quick start and stop.

3. Wide voltage input function, adaptable to factory environment

4. It has a special swing frequency function for textiles.

5. Built-in encoder or pulse input interface.

6.PID controller

7. The entire series can be installed on the bottom plate with an external radiator, greatly reducing installation in the cabinet.

Installation method and space

●  The inverter should be installed vertically using screws on a solid structure. Do not install it upside down, diagonally or horizontally.

●  The inverter will generate heat when running. To ensure the cooling air path, it should be as shown in the figure below.The design leaves a certain amount of space for the generated heat to dissipate upward; so do not install it under heat-intolerant equipment.

●  When the inverter is running, the temperature of the panel will rise to nearly 90°C.Therefore, the mounting surface on the back of the inverter must be made of material that can withstand higher temperatures.

●  When installing the frequency converter in a control cabinet, ventilation and heat dissipation must be considered to ensure that the ambient temperature of the frequency converter does not exceed the specified value.Do not install the inverter in a closed box with poor ventilation and heat dissipation.

●  When installing multiple frequency converters in the same control cabinet, in order to reduce mutual thermal influence, it is recommended to install them horizontally side by side.If it must be installed up and down, partitions must be installed to reduce the impact of heat generated in the lower part on the upper part.


Do not let foreign objects such as fibers, paper, wood chips (chips) or metal fragments enter the inverter.It should be installed on a non-combustible structure such as metal, otherwise a fire accident may occur.


              Installation location diagram


Please refer to the following cooling system configuration diagram:



The inverter will generate heat when running. After installing the heat dissipation system, please note that after adding the ambient temperature, the temperature of the inverter body below 15KW shall not be higher than 85°C, and between 18.5 and 45KW shall not be higher than 75°C.It can be monitored by parameter setting (displaying the inverter temperature t.).

Standard sizes

WeChat picture_20240503140458

Basic wiring diagram

WeChat picture_20240503140501


1) Terminal ◎ represents the main circuit terminal, and ○ represents the control circuit terminal.

2) Both the frequency converter and the motor should be reliably grounded.

3) If neither the motor nor the inverter can be grounded, please connect the motor ground terminal to the PE terminal of the inverter.


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