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CDE500Y oil field special series


product description

Canworld Electric has launched the CDE500Y series of oil field-specific inverters based on the application characteristics of oil field kowtow machines.This series of inverters can eliminate the external braking unit and braking resistor to avoid overvoltage during operation and run smoothly, saving investment costs and energy.

Capacity range

Three-phase 380V   3.7kW~37kW

Technical features

1. Use the energy loop and power loop to achieve smooth control of the bus voltage to avoid overvoltage of the frequency converter caused by motor power generation during the cycle of the kowtow machine.

2. The braking unit and braking resistor are omitted, saving investment costs and electric energy.

3. The flush setting can be realized, which is convenient and intuitive.

4. It can achieve fast up and slow down: slow descent can pump more oil; fast rise can improve efficiency.

5. It can realize constant power operation, optimize the oil field pumping process, and achieve energy saving.

6. Support remote wireless network communication based on 3G/GPRS to realize networking, intelligence and centralized control of all work units in the oil field.

7. Perfect protection:

i.Input phase loss

ii. Output phase loss

iii. Phase-to-phase short circuit

iv. Short circuit to ground

v. Moisture-proof design


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