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CDE500 series


product description

CDE500 series vector inverter is the main model of Canworld Electric's inverter family. It is a high-performance current vector inverter that inherits Canworld Electric's consistent pursuit of high quality and high reliability.CDE500 inverter controls and regulates the torque and speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motors, low-speed and high-torque output, has good dynamic characteristics, super overload capability, and supports a variety of expansion IO boards (IO1/IO2/IO3) , PG card (ABZ signal, complement form and differential form) and a variety of extended communication boards (extended MODBUS, PROFIBUS DP, CANOPEN).

Application areas

Widely used in textile, papermaking, drawing, machine tools, packaging, food, lifting and other industries, perfectly used in crushers, compressors, winches, wire drawing machines, transport trucks, feeders, mixers, spinning machines, cigarette machines, injection molding Machines, submersible electric pumps and other mechanical equipment.

Capacity range

Comprehensive voltage levels and power ranges

Ø Single phase 220V   0.75kW ~ 2.2kW

Ø Three-phase 220V   0.75kW ~7.5kW

Ø Three-phase 380V   1.5kW~1000kW

Ø Three-phase 480V   1.5kW~1000kW

Ø Three-phase 690V 18.5kW~630kW

Ø Three-phase 1140V  75kW~710kW

Technical features

Using high-performance current vector control, induction motors can also achieve high starting torques

V/F control:      1 Hz  150% torque (speed range 60:1)

Open loop vector control:  0.5 Hz  150% torque (speed range 100:1)

Closed loop vector control:  0Hz 180% torque (speed range 1000:1)

 Equipped with rich parameter setting methods

Static self-tuning: most suitable for debugging when motors and handling machinery are connected;

Rotating auto-tuning: most suitable for applications that require high starting torque, high speed, and high control accuracy;

Online parameter self-tuning: Changes in motor characteristics can be continuously detected during operation and high-precision speed control can be performed.

 Instantaneous power outage measures suitable for the purpose

The rotation speed tracking function is most suitable for fans, blowers and other fluid machinery equipped with rotating bodies.

WeChat picture_20240503132748

The instantaneous non-stop function can eliminate the need for special equipment such as UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and other power outage handling measures for film production lines, and automatically compensate for instantaneous power outages when low voltage is detected.

WeChat picture_20240503132833

Dual rated functions make the machine more compact

Using one inverter, you can choose dual specifications of light load (120%) and heavy load (150%). Depending on the purpose of the motor, an inverter with a smaller capacity can sometimes be used.

WeChat picture_20240503132936

Easy debugging

Using the application selection function, you only need to select the mechanical application, and the most appropriate parameters can be automatically set without cumbersome parameter settings.Trial operation time can be shortened.

Really reliable braking function

Three braking methods are provided for users to choose from: DC braking, magnetic flux braking, and energy consumption braking.

Using the over-excitation braking function, emergency braking can be achieved without a braking resistor.

The capacity of the built-in energy-consuming braking IGBT has been expanded. If a braking resistor is added, greater braking capacity can be increased.

Built-in braking unit 1.5kW~30kW

WeChat picture_20240503133121

 The standard keyboard has a parameter copy function and can upload and download parameters.

 Support tools xPowerTool and xLoaderTool

xPowerTool can monitor the status of the inverter, configure the inverter parameters, and control the operation of the inverter in real time.Using a computer, the parameters of several frequency converters can be managed simultaneously.

(1) Equipped with various monitoring, parameter editing, curve running, oscilloscope and other functions, making the debugging and maintenance of the frequency converter more convenient.The driver replacement function that automatically converts parameters from conventional products eliminates the need for parameter setting when replacing an inverter or replacing it in the event of a malfunction.

(2) xLoaderTool can upgrade the inverter software online to facilitate quick maintenance.

WeChat picture_20240503133217

Support master-slave control

The frequency converter itself can be set as master or slave.

Set as host: You can choose the reference value to be synchronized from the reference frequency, operating frequency or torque reference.

Set the slave machine: You can set whether the slave machine follows the master machine to run commands.

The frequency converter supports droop control, which can realize load distribution control when multiple motors drive the same load.

Supports standard brake logic and other safe shutdown functions

It performs well in construction lifting, tower crane, driving and other applications.

WeChat picture_20240503133321

Supports a variety of speed limiting modes under torque control and can be applied in a variety of torque control situations

WeChat picture_20240503133354

figure 1  Speed ​​limiter mode 0: Setting diagram from minimum limit frequency to maximum limit frequency

WeChat picture_20240503133426

figure 2  Speed ​​limiting mode 1: Schematic diagram of setting the minimum limit frequency to the output frequency


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