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CDE500-6T series medium voltage inverter


product description

The CDE500 series of high-performance medium-voltage inverters can provide the high performance, high reliability, high flexibility and other features currently required by various industries.It is simple to operate and has complete functions, which can fully meet the different needs of customers.

Application areas

Widely used in mining, metal processing, textile machinery, petroleum, construction, rubber machinery, extrusion machinery, hoisting machinery, metallurgy, etc.

Capacity range

Three-phase 690V



>Adopts open-loop vector control permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has simple wiring and high speed control accuracy, reducing on-site faults;

>It can achieve high dynamic response effect, ensure the stable output speed, and quickly respond to the given amount. The system can quickly follow the load changes and improve the system operating efficiency;

>Excellent anti-overcurrent and anti-overvoltage functions;

>The oscilloscope function of the background monitoring software can effectively observe the real-time operating status of the inverter and facilitate on-site debugging;

>Keyboard parameter copy function;

>The PWM over-modulation function can improve the utilization rate of the bus voltage, increase the output voltage of the inverter, and adapt to the environmental requirements of long-term low grid voltage, or long-term heavy load or impact load situations;

>Multiple braking methods: deceleration DC braking; startup DC braking; energy consumption braking; magnetic flux braking.


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