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CDBU300 braking unit


product description

CDBU300 energy-consuming braking unit uses IGBT module as the main device. It is small in size, easy to use, and can be used in parallel. It is widely used in various variable frequency drive systems.When the motor controlled by the inverter is running at a sudden speed or decline, due to the load inertia, the kinetic energy will be converted into electric energy and stored on the DC bus, causing the inverter to skip voltage protection or malfunction.The braking unit automatically detects the DC bus voltage and switches on and off by itself, releasing the regenerated electric energy on the braking resistor, so that the inverter can smoothly control the motor in various operating states.

Technical features

1. Allowed to be used in situations with large power grid fluctuations;

2. With short circuit, low voltage, overvoltage, fast fuse, overheating and other protection functions;

3. Ensure that the braking IGBT works in the saturation zone;


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