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Compared with foreign brands, how do domestic inverters overtake in corners?

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Nowadays, there are many domestic manufacturers of inverters, and some domestic inverters are quite good. So how big is the gap with high-end inverters of international brands?Are international brands necessarily better than domestic ones?

A: Software

1. Software and control algorithms, whether it is DTC or vector control, are no longer secrets. Even TI company’s chip information has them ready-made. Find an intern to program a motor control software. In fact, you don’t even need to write any code. Can make the motor rotate.

2. So the software and algorithms are mature?No, I worked at Siemens after I graduated with a Ph.D.. Can you imagine asking a Ph.D. with an annual salary of hundreds of thousands to be responsible for only oneLocationsensorDoes writing decoding software work?And it takes half a year to do it. Of course, the required position accuracy is also unimaginably high.

This cost is not something that a domestic company can bear, nor can any domestic company calm down and do it.

It can be said that whether it is Siemens or a domestic listed company, the overall software architecture is the same, and the difference is a little bit of detail.

B: Hardware

1. In fact, it is still a matter of mentality. A LEM sensor with 0.5% error costs 400 yuan, and a domestic sensor with 1% error costs 40 yuan. Which one should you buy?

2. Copper wire or aluminum wire?Is the iron core material good or bad?Are they all problems?

3. As for IGBT, chips and so on, there is basically no difference. What is used in ABB and Siemens inverters is basically what is used in domestic ones. Again, the overall structure is the same, the difference is still in the details.

C: How big is the gap?

1. It can be said that there is basically no difference. Frequency converters are not high-tech things. I have worked in foreign companies and private companies, and people have exchanged with each other. How big can the difference be?

2. The problem lies in the mentality of facing time. To give a simple figure, assuming the same model design, ABB takes more than 2 years from proposal to mass production, Siemens takes nearly 4 years, and domestically, it takes about half a year to a year.

3. R&D costs, assuming ABB is 15 million, Siemens will need 20 million. Domestic companies can hire people from outside, and it can be done for 2 million.

4. The life of foreign companies is not necessarily better than that of domestic small businesses. ABB and Siemens are also dealing with the challenges of domestic low-cost models every day.

5. However, it is worthy of recognition that more and more domestic companies are investing in formal research and development, but the current northern market entities are still wild, and the hope of manufacturing lies in Shenzhen.

Overall, the gap is relatively large:

The vector algorithm was proposed by Siemens, and DTC was proposed by ABB. These two companies started out by relying on algorithms and achieved first and second place respectively. If the vector or DTC algorithm is still used in China, then the investment in R&D funds and time will not be able to compete with these algorithms. If the two families are competing, how can we make up for the gap?

Maybe everyone thinks that everyone knows the control principle, but for example, everyone knows the principle of the gearbox. Why do domestic heavy-duty andcarGearbox always not working well?You can understand the principles of aircraft engines by looking at them, but India has invested tens of billions and can’t even make a prototype!Unless one day we discover a new control theory or main device, redefine the frequency converter, and overtake in a corner!Otherwise, we can only rely on our overtime and diligence to get infinitely close.It is said that Apple killed Nokia, but Nokia is still the number one in mobile phones, but Apple has redefined mobile phones. In the Nokia era, mobile phones were used to make calls and send text messages. In the Apple era, mobile phones were used to make calls and send text messages. It can be ignored.

There is not much difference between segmented user markets:

The small market gap here refers to users.For example, if the user only controls a fan, anyone can have any function or performance. Anything more is a waste, and the higher part is completely unused. Moreover, domestic brands are more user-friendly in terms of interface and operation.Just like you wouldn't choose a vernier caliper when measuring a track, it's the best fit.

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