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1.  Hardware features● CPU: 600/720 MHz ARM Cortex A8 ● 5 serial ports: supporting RS232/RS485/RS422.● LCD: TFT true color LCD, 260,000 colors.● RAM: 128 M/512 M DDRⅢ● Storage: FLASH mass storage, supporting 128 M/4 G EMMC.● Supports Ethernet. CAN bus.2.  Interface and equipment support● USB camera● Mini printer● Wireless Ethernet● USB scanner● Serial port scanner● Contactless IC card/magnetic card reader● Laser printer● Network printing● USB fingerprint identifier● CAN DEVICE● RS232/RS485/RS422● Web camera 3.  Software featuresFormula browser● Formula files support groups and ingredients of a greater amount.● Through PLC addresses, you can control both uploading and downloading of formula and choose the corresponding data for operation.● You can name files in the ...
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