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发布时间: 2018 - 04 - 11
Technical features:1. Wide voltage range inputPower voltage: -15% - 10%, 47 Hz - 63 Hz; provided with under-voltage underclocking output function that extends the applicable range of power voltage to -30% (e.g. extending the applicable range of a 380 V VFD to 266 V - 440 V); 2. High disturbance resistance Pulse group tests: ± 4,800 VStatic (air discharge): 8,000 VStatic (contact discharge): 6,000 VProvided with EMI circuit + lightning protection design3. Phase-phase and phase-to-earth short circuit protectionAny phase-phase short circuit protection 4. Anti-corrosion treatment8 µm nickel plating, and three layers of British conformal coating for key parts;5. Power source of control signals:  External power supply of +10 V and +24 V, both provided with shor...
发布时间: 2015 - 09 - 16
Technical features> Provided with an open-loop vector control permanent magnet synchronous motor, easy to wire and highly accurate in revs control, reducing on-site faults; > High dynamic responses, rapidly responding to the given value of speed while guaranteeing the stability of output revs, which allows the system to catch up with the load changes timely, thus increasing the operation efficiency of the system;> Premium overcurrent and overvoltage resistance;> The oscilloscope function of the background monitoring software monitors the real-time operation status of the VFDs for on-site commissioning;> Parameter copying function of the keyboard;> The PWM overmodulation improves the utilization of busbar voltage and increases the output voltage of VFDs, hence is applicable to cases in...
发布时间: 2015 - 05 - 20
Technical features          1. So compact with a width, height and depth of 8.6 cm, 14.5 cm and 12 cm respectively only;       2. The panel supports external access that allow copying of parameters;       3. The standard RS485 interface constitutes an independent VFD network, making it possible to set the VFD as a master or slave for master-slave control;       4. Impulse/analog input and output channels;       5. 16 segments of speed control;       6. Multiple setting channels for running frequency/commands;       7. Provided with output terminals for disconnecting relays,...
发布时间: 2015 - 07 - 14
Technical features Unique suitability to applications that require waterproofing and dust-proofing or that are of serious pollution;> Unique metal enclosure for perfect heat dissipation;> Employing advanced surface powder coating process to provide select color and an elegant appearance;> Phosphorized metal plates provide good anti-rust and -corrosion performance;> Provided with IP54 fans for steady and reliable performance;> Input voltage: 3 AC 380 V ± 15%;> Input frequency: 47 - 63 Hz; power factor: ≥95%;> Control methods: Non-PG vector control and V/F control, where for V/F control, three profiles, i.e. straight line, polyline and multiple power, are available; > Running commands source: given through panels, terminals and RS485 communication;> Frequency giving source: given t...
发布时间: 2015 - 05 - 20
Technical features> Fast response and high starting torque: for better vibration control on starting;> Low torque ripple for more stable running;> Compact structure design and optional built-in braking units (for 30 kW and lower, braking units of standard configuration);> High overload resistance (3 s for 200% of rated loads). Perfect overvoltage suppression when applied in a punching machine;> Smart commissioning: smart setting of V/F profile that doesn’t need professionals for complex commissioning, saving manpower and time;> Compatible with synchronous motors: significantly conserves energy if combined with synchronous motors. Consumes the least power in case of equivalent unit torque;> Convenient human–machine interaction, real-time monitoring of key parameters, and LED + LCD dual-disp...
发布时间: 2015 - 05 - 20
Technical features       1.2.1 Employs high-performance current vector control, making it possible for induction motors to start with high torque.       V/F control:      1 Hz 150% torque (speed regulation range 60:1)      Open-loop vector control:  0.5 Hz 150% torque (speed regulation range 100:1)       Closed-loop vector control:  0 Hz 180% torque (speed regulation range 1,000:1)1.2.2 Various parameter adjustment modes  Static self-adjustment: best suitable to the commissioning where motors are connected with handling machines;  Rotating self-adjustment: best suitable applications where...
发布时间: 2015 - 04 - 16
Technical parametersInstructions of keyboard indicator lamps Indicator lampsNameMeaningUnit indicationHzFrequency indicator lampThe unit of currently displayed parameter is Hz (Hertz).ACurrent indicator lampThe unit of currently displayed parameter is A (Ampere).VVoltage indicator lampThe unit of currently displayed parameter is V (volt).Hz + ARevs indicator lampThe unit of currently displayed parameter is R/MIN (revolution/min).A + VPercentage indicator lampsThe unit of currently displayed parameter is % (percent).Hz + VMPa indicator lampsThe unit of currently displayed parameter is MPa (mega Pascal).Status indication(MON)Indicator lamps of command sourceOff: controlled through the keyboard.  On: controlled through the terminals.  Flashing: controlled through...
发布时间: 2015 - 05 - 20
Technical features  1. Usable under large grid fluctuation;  2. Provided with protection functions such as short circuit, low voltage, overvoltage, quick-acting fuses, overheating, etc.;  3. The braking IGBTs are ensured to work within the saturation zone.  Technical parametersModel:   CDBU300-XXXA-4 seriesFor VFDsAC power supply380 VPower0.75 kW - aboveOutput featuresMax. braking currentRefer to particular models.Activated voltage of braking690 V ± 10 VHysteretic voltage670 V ± 10 VPower supplyU (p+_p-)350 V - 800 VProtectionElectronic thermal relaysIn case of the temperature of cooling fins of the braking unit exceeds 85 °C, the protection is activated, the braking unit stops braking, and the malfunction indicator lamp ligh...
发布时间: 2015 - 04 - 09
Technical features     1.  Proprietary kernel encryption          • Proprietary new PLC encryption, eradicating any possibility of cracking.          • Multiple password protection, protecting users’ programs from malicious cracking.     2.  High-speed input          • 6 channels of high-speed counter, 2 channels 200 k + 4 channels 10 k.          • 2 channels of AB phase signal input, multiple settings.          • Built-in 32-digit high-speed comparators.          • Starts when co...
Case Application

Mine hoisting applications of Canworld Electrical CDE500 VFDs

日期: 2015-05-22
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   Main features of Canworld lift-dedicated VFDs

   Problems of control system of old-fashioned wiring program:

     - Excess inrush current on starting and gear shifting. The starting current is generally 2 - 3 times as much as the rated one. And in case of fast acceleration, the inrush current will even give rise to trip of the main switch.

     - Discontinuous gear and speed regulation, leading to great mechanical vibration during operation, which will impact the lifting mechanism and result in unsafe braking.

     - A lot of electrical energy is consumed by the resistors during speed regulation, which is such a waste and causes heavy noise and a harsh working environment.

     - In case of applications requiring a 24-hour operation, where the production load is quite heavy, the outdated design and manufacturing process of the control system of the wiring program will lead to an awful lot of repair work, causing loss to an enterprise.

    With VFDs, the entire system will be improved as follows:

     - Small starting current, which falls within a safe range and will not impact the lifting system and the grid.

     - Steady running, smooth acceleration and deceleration, and supporting S-curve acceleration, which makes continuous acceleration possible during acceleration and deceleration without any impact.

     - Great starting torque for a startup of a suspended weight from any position.

     - Sufficient acceleration torque, adaptive to the acceleration of a heavy lifting.

     - Strong low-frequency torque, which eliminates the possibility of car sliding.

     - Reliable time sequence control logic for braking and brake releasing.

     - The CDE500 is provided with more than 50 protection functions. In case of a failure, the PLC will be notified immediately to brake, ensuring the operation safety and stability of the system.

     - Variable frequency speed control is continuous speed regulation. Its flexible control greatly improves the performance and prolongs the service life of the system, reduces the maintenance cost and hence increases the profitability of the enterprise.

    Braking logic of CDE500 VFDs:

     - The VFD receives the running command and starts to output.

     - If the output current is larger than “brake release current (EA.02)” and the output frequency reaches “brake release frequency (EA.01)”, and the two aforesaid conditions have been met and lasted for “brake release delay time (EA.03)”, the analog output terminals under the function of “40: brake control” gives an OFF signal to release the brake.

     - In case the VFD is running at a constant speed under the set frequency of EA.01, when the running time has reached the set value of “stopping time of acceleration with the brake released (EA.04)”, it will accelerate to the set frequency.

     - The VFD receives the shutdown command and decelerates to “brake actuation frequency (EA.05)”, and then run at a constant speed under this frequency.

     - When the delay reaches the set value of “waiting time for output signal of brake actuation (EA.06)”, the analog output terminals under the function of “40: brake control” gives an ON signal to actuate the brake; and when the delay reaches the set value of “waiting time for shutdown with the brake actuated (EA.07)”, the VFD will block the output and shut down.、


This type of hoisting VFDs have been used in the gold mine of Juefa Mining in Altay District, Xinjiang:

    •    The system is provided with a 2 m roller with a single hook;

    •    The mine is a vertical shaft with a depth of 500 m. The weight to be lifted is 8 tons.

    •    The motor is a three-phase asynchronous motor of 380 V/280 kW with a level 6 wound rotor.

    •    A planet gear reduction drive with a reduction ratio of 30.

    •    PLCs with a touchscreen control system configured by the user.

    •    Hydraulic station braking units configured by the user.

    •    Canworld CDE500-4T355G VFDs.

    •    This variable-frequency speed regulation system for mine lifting comprises of a console, variable-frequency system, hydraulic station, safety protection and control monitoring system.

    Working principles of the lifting system:

    - The operator hears the start-up signal and operates the stick to Upward (or Downward) direction.

    - The command of running forward (or backward) from the numerical input terminals of the PLC built-in VFD is valid.

    - Based on the position of the stick, it is fed back to the VFD AI sampling value to alter the output frequency of the VFD.

    - After the VFD outputs frequency to the frequency level detection FDT1, the hydraulic station is operated to release half of the brake.

    - Continue to push the stick to Upward (or Downward) direction, and after the VFD frequency output reaches the frequency level detection FDT2, the hydraulic station is operated to release full of the brake.

    - The brake is released in two times to effectively ensure the safety and comfort of the lifting system.

    - In order to take full advantage of the motor control features of CDE500 VFDs, please set parameters for the motor before you carry out parameter self-adjustment for the motor.

List of parameters configured on the site: 


  Range of voltage level:

        220 V (208 V - 240 V)

        380 V (264 V - 480 V)

        480 V (380 V - 550 V)

        690 V (450 V - 750 V)

        1,140 V (800 V - 1,310 V)

    Range of power level:

        1.5 kW - 1,000 kW, all series.


        Temperature range for storage: -25°C - 75°C

        Temperature range for running: -10°C - 65°C


       Operational when no greater than 1,000 m;

       When higher than 1,000 m, for every 100 m higher, the rated conditions shall be tightened by 1%;

       When higher than 4,000 m, please consult the vendor.

       For further information, please refer to User Manual for CDE500 Series.

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Overview A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tool is a mechatronics product that integrates with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, micro-electronic and information technologies...
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Main features of Canworld lift-dedicated VFDs   Problems of control system of old-fashioned wiring program:     - Excess inrush current on starting and gear shifting. The star...
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