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产品特点: Technical features:1. Wide voltage range inputPower voltage: -15% - 10%, 47 Hz - 63 Hz; provided with under-voltage underclocking output function that extends the applicable range of power voltage to -30% (e.g. extending the applicable range of a 380 V VFD to 266 V - 440 V); 2. High disturbance resistance Pulse group tests: ± 4,800 VStatic (air discharge): 8,000 VStatic (contact discharge): 6,000 VProvided with EMI circuit + lightning protection design3. Phase-phase and phase-to-earth short circuit protectionAny phase-phase short circuit protection 4. Anti-corrosion treatment8 µm nickel plating, and three layers of British conformal coating for key parts;5. Power source of control signals:  External power supply of +10 V and +24 V, both provided with short circuit protection.  The +10 V power supply is provided with a current output of 30 mA.  The +24 V power supply is provided with a large current output of 200 mA6. Overload ...
产品特点: Technical features> Provided with an open-loop vector control permanent magnet synchronous motor, easy to wire and highly accurate in revs control, reducing on-site faults; > High dynamic responses, rapidly responding to the given value of speed while guaranteeing the stability of output revs, which allows the system to catch up with the load changes timely, thus increasing the operation efficiency of the system;> Premium overcurrent and overvoltage resistance;> The oscilloscope function of the background monitoring software monitors the real-time operation status of the VFDs for on-site commissioning;> Parameter copying function of the keyboard;> The PWM overmodulation improves the utilization of busbar voltage and increases the output voltage of VFDs, hence is applicable to cases in which the network voltage is low or there is heavy or impact load on a long-term basis; and> Multiple braking modes: Deceleration DC injection braking; starting DC injection braking; dynamic braking;...
产品特点: Technical features          1. So compact with a width, height and depth of 8.6 cm, 14.5 cm and 12 cm respectively only;       2. The panel supports external access that allow copying of parameters;       3. The standard RS485 interface constitutes an independent VFD network, making it possible to set the VFD as a master or slave for master-slave control;       4. Impulse/analog input and output channels;       5. 16 segments of speed control;       6. Multiple setting channels for running frequency/commands;       7. Provided with output terminals for disconnecting relays, supporting connection with 220 VAC/0.5A AC loads or DC loads;       8. Provided with function of wobbling frequency for weaving, widely applicable to various spinning equipme...
产品特点: Technical features Unique suitability to applications that require waterproofing and dust-proofing or that are of serious pollution;> Unique metal enclosure for perfect heat dissipation;> Employing advanced surface powder coating process to provide select color and an elegant appearance;> Phosphorized metal plates provide good anti-rust and -corrosion performance;> Provided with IP54 fans for steady and reliable performance;> Input voltage: 3 AC 380 V ± 15%;> Input frequency: 47 - 63 Hz; power factor: ≥95%;> Control methods: Non-PG vector control and V/F control, where for V/F control, three profiles, i.e. straight line, polyline and multiple power, are available; > Running commands source: given through panels, terminals and RS485 communication;> Frequency giving source: given through panels in numerals, analog quantity, RS485 serial communication, multi-speed simple PLC and PID; > Overload capacity: Type B: 60 s under 150% of rated current, 10 s under 180% of rated cur...
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About us
Shenzhen Canworld Electrical Technology Co., Ltd, a state-level high-tech enterprise located at Longgang High-tech Industrial Zone of Shenzhen City and possessing a separate industrial park of 20000 m² as its dedicated manufacture base, is a manufacturer with fully proprietary intellectual property specialized in R&D, production, sale and services of industrial automation control products.With its expertise in power electronics, automatic control, motor control, energy conservation and environmental protection and other key technologies in combination with the experience on industrial automation control accumulated over more than 15 years, Canworld has researched and developed a total of 19 series of products covering high-, medium- and low-voltage variable-frequency drives (VFDs), PLC, HMI, servo controllers, special and non-standard customized series, etc., which are widely employed in power, petrochemical, steel, oil field, chemical, construction materials, textile, pr...
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